Doll House Challenges

I’m in a dollhouse rut. I had a vision and it didn’t quite come out the way I wanted nor did I finish several things I wanted to and were coming down to the deadline… I thought I would share with you what I have accomplished even if its not much more than what I […]

Little Furniture

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Every day I think up fantastic things to blog about on my way to work and through out the day and then I get home and end up watching tivoed episodes of Parenthood or Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. This week has been quite a busy, emotionally draining one […]

A New Project

My husband and I have returned from a wonderful vacation in Boston and Maine. We spent a week on the east coast visiting with my husbands family and then just the two of us drove up the coast through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine for a couple days during the week. I will get more […]

Portrait Project 7-10

7/52 eloise: We visited Ojai for the farmers market and we parked right in front of an Apothecary! You had to go inside and so we did. We spoke with the man who worked there and he told us about his herbs and rocks and gems and how when he was a kid he used […]

Exploring Amethyst

In homeschool club this week, we talked about January and February’s rock boxes- Quartz and Amethyst. We talked about the different types of rocks (rocks versus minerals), the crystal structures of both and then the girls drew amethyst crystals onto rubber stamps. I carved their drawing and they had a great time making prints of […]

Homeschool Friendsgiving

Last week we got together for a special homeschool club- a Friendsgiving! We made corn husk dolls (thanks to Julie who provided all the materials and showed the girls how to make them). I read about the Native American history of these dolls to the girls while they made them. We also made gratitude rocks […]