Lovely Day

I turned 30 yesterday. I had a lovely garden party on Saturday with my closest friends and family and then yesterday I spent the day just doing what I do every Sunday (except it was Monday), tending to the patio garden- adding chives and marjoram and a few new summer flowers here and there. I got the groceries and did some laundry. Jeff, my husband spent the day cooking for me (I know, I am the luckiest gal around). He made a delicious dinner of green olive tapenade chicken and smashed potatoes and for dessert a finger licking chocolate pound cake with cream cheese icing. It was a fantastic way to welcome this new era of my life. I’m feeling very good about my thirties…. I have been wanting to get here for awhile now. Something about thirty screams, “I am finally an adult!” I know that maybe a little old to “finally become an adult” but I guess what I mean is that I finally feel able to make life decisions without first consulting with a parent or close relative. Maybe this also comes with the territory of being married (which I am still shy of two years) but, something in me feels different and more focused on “me” and what is the best for my body, my mind, my marriage, my home, my job, my life. In just this year alone, I have changed my habits so dramatically…. eating locally and seasonally, taking up growing vegetables on my balcony, walking every day, and much smaller things like letting beauty surround me as much as possible- adding flowers to the home, dabbling in handicrafts and quilting. I feel as if becoming thirty is just the beginning of opening my mind and heart up to many possibilities. It was truly a “lovely day.”