Portrait Project


good shot

eloise: it was hard for me to choose this week, but this picture just says summer-time and cuteness all rolled up into one. You were trying raspberries for the first time (hence the red bits around your mouth), but what I really like about this shot is how your eyes sparkle and shine and the fact that you can see that second tooth popping through too! You are growing up so quickly all of a sudden. So much new hair, new teeth, new words, new baby signs and so much personality now. You certainly are my sunshine, raspberry face and all! 

*It was my birthday this week too and my wonderful husband surprised me with a new lens. I’m learning slowly but this is one of the shots I took with the new lens this week. I’m glad I have a very cute someone to practice on every day.

– Last week’s favorites were Abigailandthefuture and a field of flowery goodness and goodmorningclementine’s live action shot.

-joining Jodi and the oh so wonderful 52 project!


Happy Summer Solstice! (a little late)

summer goals

(okay this is getting posted a little late but I’m sick and have been trying to rest up all day and forgot I had written this like two days before the actual Solstice)…

Happy Summer Solstice! I wanted to get those summer goals up on the blog so I can delve into them right away! I’m taking it easy on myself this season. I have a very busy ten month old and it’s probably goal enough to keep her safe and happy. But, I wanted to put some things out there for the season. Some doable goals I think:

1. I would like to finish a book this summer. I have started a few but can’t seem to get through any of them. I’m hoping to finish up this one soon and begin this one that I picked up in Boston. I like reading one good historical novel every summer. I believe last year I read Steinbeck’s East of Eden and loved it. This year the history is a bit thicker but I’m hoping it will be an interesting read now that I’m a mother.

2. I consider myself a seasonal person. I like living my life through the ebb and flow of the seasons. Yes, they are slight here in California but I still feel them in my heart and soul. I like warm colors, soups and knit blankets in the winter and bright colors, watermelon and tank tops in the summer. I have a winter wall hanging in our living room that I quilted last year. I told Jeff I’d like to have a wall hanging for every season, reflecting the colors of that season. I think a quilt for every season might be pushing it, but maybe two would be doable…. a fall/ winter one and a spring/ summer one? I’m going to try and make that spring/ summer one come to life this summer.

3. Ellie will be one this August!! Ahhh! I can’t believe it. I have a lot to do to prepare for her first birthday but one thing I have been wanting to do since she was born was put together a first year album for her. I may use this site again because I liked how Jeff’s Father’s Day book came out.

4. I was doing yoga off and on in my pre baby days and dabbled in a little bit of prenatal yoga as well. Now that I’m almost a year post-partum, I’m feeling the itch to get back into those yoga poses and start my practice again. So this summer I’m planning to find myself a studio or find myself a good home dvd.

5. This knitting thing is a tough one. Jeff bought me a crap load of knitting needles for Christmas that I have yet to touch. Jeff’s sister over Christmas even taught me how to cast on but that was the first and last time I have touched a pair of knitting needles. A few months back I bought this to make for Ellie. It requires some knitting. Knitting for a little stuffed bunny. Now, knitting for a stuffed bunny doesn’t seem as daunting as knitting for my own child or myself, soooo, I’m hoping to start my knitting this summer with this project. Wish me luck!

There you have it, my summer goals. Here’s to hoping it’s a lovely, busy, relaxing, sun-filled few months.



tea and strawberries


solstice softie


weekend lunch


a cutie in a new dress


bubbles w gramma


water play






solstice dinner


more tea


tea at night




Summer Solstice weekend. I had high hopes for the solstice but plans fell through and I got sick with a yucky head cold. Despite much pouting (by me) and disappointment, we managed to have a very nice weekend. I have one incredible husband and the best parents a girl could ask for. These three people helped create a great solstice dinner on saturday night (a great recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks), kept Miss Eloise busy and happy when Mama needed some rest, kept me well hydrated with plenty of warm, soothing tea and just are all around the greatest. I managed to get a Solstice Sun Softie made for Ellie and my mom surprised her with a beautiful dress she made! This will definitely NOT be the only dress she makes now that I know she can make them! I’ve put in my orders. In fact my two sisters and I all want matching dresses. My mom will certainly be busy this summer!  I’m hoping with all the tea and liquids and cuddly baby and husband love I’m receiving I will be better in no time. I hate being sick, I don’t like resting and it’s officially summertime – I’m ready to play! Maybe next weekend.

How was your weekend?


-joining Amanda for weekending.


Making + Listening

making stuff

amelias bunny

bunny parts

Making : I’m almost done with a bunny for a special little girl who’s turning one very soon. Her Mama and I have been friends for ages and our babies are exactly six weeks apart. I’m loving this purple fabric and can’t wait to do more with it. That first picture is my nursing/napping station for afternoon naps these days. I outfit myself with books, sewing and of course the computer. Ellie naps and I get to unwind a bit from the day.

I also finally got the peacock framed and up on the wall.

framed peacock

hung next to soule

I’m really digging the colors of the whole thing. It has a Hawaiian, summertime kind of feel and it really looks lovely next to Amanda’s First Day print. I love art and consider myself a collector of sorts, but it is also really neat to outfit your home with pieces you have created as well. Putting up your own art or in this case, crafts, brings a tender, well-loved feeling to your home. Seeing this on the wall inspires me to make more!

Listening: We haven’t been listening to much this past week. But I am starting to rotate in some summertime tunes like this one while doing dishes and cleaning and a little of this too while we play.

What are you Making + Listening?

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A Special Guest for Dinner


I don’t usually talk about my preschool teaching days here. Years of confidentiality agreements and never wanting to disturb anyone’s privacy, I’ve kept the stories of the children whom I cared for safe in my head and heart. But, last night we had a special guest for dinner, one of my former students whose family was in town for the day. And I was so excited to have her and her family over, I just had to write about it here today.

It’s strange how one can care for other people’s children with so much love and respect. I know many people who could never do it. But I often felt like I could easily adopt because of how much I loved  some of the children in my care. In fact it had been a bit of an occupational hazard for me, falling in love with other people’s children, because that was just it- they weren’t mine. I couldn’t take them home with me at the end of the day. And when certain children transitioned out of my classroom to an older classroom, it was often terribly hard for me to let them go. It wasn’t every child that  I felt this way about. I liked all of the children in my care but I didn’t love all of them. In fact it was a very small percentage of them. I had so many children come and go through my life, throughout my career, I wouldn’t have been able to handle being a preschool teacher otherwise. But there was that small handful of children who touched me. Children who connected with me on a deeper level. This little girl who came to visit was one of them. And it was so neat to watch one of my favorite students play with my own daughter. After years of caring for other children I finally have my own and my two worlds of teacher and mother collided. It was a lovely dinner and a lovely visit. An evening I will cherish as a mother and as a former preschool teacher.

two worlds collide

Weekending: Father’s Day Edition

weekly granola


farmers market baskets

picnic club

shannons shortcake

good beer

picnic fun


bath time

fathers day things

daddy present

hike 1

bee balm

beach hike

beachy rocks

walking the trail



yellow mustard

burrito and shakes

Daddy and his girl




What a glorious weekend! Lots of sunshine! Lots of love and fun! Lots of beer!

Homemade granola, heavy baskets from the farmers market this week(we’re having company this week), and an oh-so-fun picnic in the park with friends. The strawberry shortcake in a jar was made with TLC by a lovely Mama, due to have her first-born any day now. Saturday ended with the regular bath hour and stories with Daddy.

Jeff’s first (official) Fathers Day. Ellie and I made him a book from this place. And Mommy wrote Daddy a note reminding him of all the things I love watching him do with his little girl. We had tea for breakfast and yogurt and homemade granola and then set out for a lovely morning walk/hike along a local beach path. Brunch was breakfast burritos and shakes from another local dive and some play time at the park for Ellie. We even got to visit the local brewery for a special Fathers Day beer.

We had my parents and sisters over for steak and potatoes (Daddies choice) and the joy led into the evening with chatting and play time in the yard. A beautiful Fathers Day Weekend if I do say so myself!

Cheers to all the Dads!

-joining Amanda for Weekending!

Portrait Project


flower girl

eloise: you were the flower girl in your uncle Matt’s and aunt Jenn’s wedding this past saturday and you did wonderfully! We stuck you in this very uncomfortable but unforgettably darling flower girl dress and you wore it like a pro. It was so hard not to keep taking photo after photo of my darling angelic looking girl. We changed you out of the poofy thing right after the ceremony. I walked you down the aisle and you seemed pleased with all of the attention you were getting. A happy memory for us indeed. My little flower girl! 

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!