Happy Summer Solstice! (a little late)

summer goals

(okay this is getting posted a little late but I’m sick and have been trying to rest up all day and forgot I had written this like two days before the actual Solstice)…

Happy Summer Solstice! I wanted to get those summer goals up on the blog so I can delve into them right away! I’m taking it easy on myself this season. I have a very busy ten month old and it’s probably goal enough to keep her safe and happy. But, I wanted to put some things out there for the season. Some doable goals I think:

1. I would like to finish a book this summer. I have started a few but can’t seem to get through any of them. I’m hoping to finish up this one soon and begin this one that I picked up in Boston. I like reading one good historical novel every summer. I believe last year I read Steinbeck’s East of Eden and loved it. This year the history is a bit thicker but I’m hoping it will be an interesting read now that I’m a mother.

2. I consider myself a seasonal person. I like living my life through the ebb and flow of the seasons. Yes, they are slight here in California but I still feel them in my heart and soul. I like warm colors, soups and knit blankets in the winter and bright colors, watermelon and tank tops in the summer. I have a winter wall hanging in our living room that I quilted last year. I told Jeff I’d like to have a wall hanging for every season, reflecting the colors of that season. I think a quilt for every season might be pushing it, but maybe two would be doable…. a fall/ winter one and a spring/ summer one? I’m going to try and make that spring/ summer one come to life this summer.

3. Ellie will be one this August!! Ahhh! I can’t believe it. I have a lot to do to prepare for her first birthday but one thing I have been wanting to do since she was born was put together a first year album for her. I may use this site again because I liked how Jeff’s Father’s Day book came out.

4. I was doing yoga off and on in my pre baby days and dabbled in a little bit of prenatal yoga as well. Now that I’m almost a year post-partum, I’m feeling the itch to get back into those yoga poses and start my practice again. So this summer I’m planning to find myself a studio or find myself a good home dvd.

5. This knitting thing is a tough one. Jeff bought me a crap load of knitting needles for Christmas that I have yet to touch. Jeff’s sister over Christmas even taught me how to cast on but that was the first and last time I have touched a pair of knitting needles. A few months back I bought this to make for Ellie. It requires some knitting. Knitting for a little stuffed bunny. Now, knitting for a stuffed bunny doesn’t seem as daunting as knitting for my own child or myself, soooo, I’m hoping to start my knitting this summer with this project. Wish me luck!

There you have it, my summer goals. Here’s to hoping it’s a lovely, busy, relaxing, sun-filled few months.


6 thoughts on “Happy Summer Solstice! (a little late)

  1. It’s too bad you aren’t up here to join our book club-you would love it. I didn’t think I’d have enough time for reading either but I’m already three books ahead of my goal for 2013. It really pushes me to read things I wouldn’t otherwise be interested in…I’m loving it! You’re active on Goodreads right?

    • oh that’s great you are in a book club. One of these days I will join one too. I am active on goodreads but need to go on more frequently. Happy reading Summer!

  2. oh, you are so brave to take on that Maggie Rabbit! Can’t wait to see!
    Some people really take to knitting. I tried for a year or two and it just didn’t happen for me. I did make a few things, but I think I got bored of it (gasp!) Too much direction following. That said, I really hope to get back into it someday. Maybe this Winter. Because I have a lot of yarn and I really want some fingerless mittens for Winter. ; )
    Feel better!

    • I just think it is precious and would love to learn how to knit and actually make things but I think I may find it’s not for me either because like you I don’t like direction either. I tend to freely create, if you know what I mean. But, I will try for Ellie’s sake and if I fail, I can always hand it over to my direction-loving mother, who, I’m sure could whip it up in a day or two. 🙂


  3. Wow she is turning 1 so soon! I too have similar goals, especially the yoga and knitting! I use to do a lot of yoga but since baby making it’s been limited, something that’s so good for the mind, body and spirit though so I really should be making time for it. I try and read one book a month. As for knitting, I think I’ve tried knitting 1 scarf 5 times in the last year and still haven’t finished it. I often have a love/hate thing with blogging/facebook for that reason, I often feel like there are so many more things I could accomplish if I reduced screen time… yet.. the addiction continues! I’ve been blogging a lot less recently as it’s summer and I’m trying to be outside more (that and there’s lots to do in the garden all the time).
    Happy belated Solstice!!

    • YES! I was just talking about the fb/blogging thing with my friend. It’s tough to peel yourself away even though you know you should be reading an actual novel. We want to do a lot more outdoorsy things as well… hoping we all get well soon so we can be outside more! 🙂 Take care!

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