Just Write: On Blogging

My life is not all sunshine and butterflies. It may seem that way to the outside viewer but we are human too and with being human, comes pain, struggles, negativity and all that other stuff. But, I try to keep this space as bright and cheery as possible…

I’ve been documenting my life even before I could write. I wanted to start a journal at a very young age and so my mom wrote down what I told her. Shortly there after I was writing on my own and I eventually created years and years of journaling notebooks. High school hit and I caught the scrapbooking bug. I would spend hours organizing my pictures and placing them just so onto pages with silly sticker and paper embellishments and captions throughout. I had a large scrapbook for every year of highschool and even finished a few for my first couple years in college. I was the historian in the group and any time my friends and I would get together, those scrapbooks would be pulled out and mulled over. The pictures I chose were of our most happy times together. Looking back it seems our high school days were nothing but friends and fun, and isn’t this what we want to remember anyway? Flash forward to a couple of years ago when I was so inspired by so many lovely blogs, I put the scrapbook supplies away and started blogging myself. This is my way of documenting my life. And like scrap booking, I want to remember the highlights, the lovely days, the milestones. My life is not idyllic. It is pretty ideal for me and my family. But it’s far from ultimate idyllic. My blog portrays the best parts, the inspiring parts, the lovely parts- the parts I want to remember. There may be days when I open up even more and talk about things that are less than ideal. That’s all part of life and if I feel the need to share it, I will. But, I spend my time reading blogs that inspire me and pick me up and I want to emulate those by including the every day good in my life. My blog is a space to be personal to be honest and to show those moments I want to remember. It is my gratitude journal in a sense. And I am ever so grateful to be that historian for my family, so they may look back with fond memories, and I am ever so grateful to have yet another place to document the beauty of life.

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playful days

the park trees


a full basket

port and an old friend

a new bedroom

A sunny weekend to start out and a cool, socked-in sunday to end it. We were plenty busy. A baby who’s moving, moving, moving keeping us on our toes at all times. An old friend of Jeff’s came to spend saturday with us. The Port was a wedding gift from years back we decided to open this weekend (I had a sip, too strong for my taste, but the men were happy with the wine,  steaks on the grill and a bag of pistachios). We loaded up on good things to eat at the Farmers Market and sunday was spent moving furniture and getting a toddler room ready for a little someone. It’s still a work in progress, but I will share as soon as it’s ready. How was your weekend?

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Portrait Project


happy girleloise: you are one funny little girl these days. Exploring the house, getting into things, making mommy freak out about baby proofing everything… and you are one vocal little girl too! You love hearing the sound of your own voice, thus constant screaming, growling, dadadadaing and other such noises are constantly being heard throughout the house and everywhere we go. I like this shot of you because we get to see you in action, yelling with that gummy grin and trying to crawl outside to get to those doggies

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Letters for Ellie

I’ve been Pinteresting a lot lately. I never put a nursery together for Ellie because when she was born we were living in a one bedroom apartment and when we did move to this house, I threw all of her stuff in her “room” but didn’t bother spiffing it up because she was sleeping and napping in our room. Well, now that she’s on the move and interested in all sorts of things I thought it was time we created an all baby-friendly space for her. There’s lots of planning going on these days but one little thing I accomplished yesterday was finishing letters for her room. I’m thinking of hanging them over her bed. They turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, plus we had a fun little photo shoot to show them off…














baby a

bunny for baby


april sun

farmers market w gramps


kisses for gramma

pinterest ideas

A fine, sunny and very warm April weekend we had in these parts. We made the trip out to see good friends and their new darling baby girl. I made her a softie bunny !  It was amazing that just 8.5 months ago my big Eloise was as tiny and sleepy as this sweet baby girl! While visiting, Ellie discovered a hockey stick and my husband is now planning her future as a professional hockey player.We spent lots of time with the grandparents this weekend, at their house and their local farmers market. And I’m working on fun things for Ellie’s room. (More to come soon on that one). How was your weekend?


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Portrait Project


boston tribute

eloise: It was a bit of a scary week with your Auntie Jenn running the Boston Marathon and your Uncle Matt there watching her. We quickly found out everyone we loved was safe but never-the-less your Mama and Daddy have been a bit emotional and frazzled. Your newfound moving all over the place and getting into things has kept us more than occupied though and I am so very thankful I have your sweet smile to look forward to every day. You are my sunshine! I gave you my Boston hat to try on and snapped a few shots of you. Boston is Daddy’s hometown and he is very proud of it. I love it too and I know you will as well. 

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The Little Things




flowers bloom


char rests in the sun

It’s the little things this week that I’m finding joy in. The first strawberries ready to be picked. Playful days in the warm sun. Tomato seedlings ready to be transplanted. Beautiful flowers on our daily walks. Broccoli heads growing even in the midst of a terrible aphid invasion. My funny dog enjoying her new spot of warmth. It’s these things and so much more that I am thankful for.