Just Write: It Could Have Been Us

My sister-in-law is okay. She ran the Boston Marathon today. We got a call from my mother-in-law letting us know she was okay even though they were all shook up.

“Wait, what happened?” my husband asked confused.

We had been busy today with this and that and hadn’t bothered to turn on the news this afternoon. When we did, we couldn’t turn the t.v. off for the rest of the day.

Again. This is happening again. More carnage. More innocent people. And this time it was hitting very close to home. My husband’s whole family lives in Boston and his brother and sister-in-law were there in the midst of it all. Luckily, she was a still a few miles away from the finish line, but it was still so close and to a city my husband grew up in and loved and I, myself, had grown to love.

And then when I found out one of the victims was a child. An eight-year-old child. All I could think about was it could have been us. It could have been my child. We could have been there, waiting at the finish line for Auntie Jenn. The thought gave me the chills and I couldn’t stop feeling angry and sad and scared.

I think about whoever did this, whoever planted those bombs used to be a child once. They were raised by parents. I wonder how they were raised. How does a child grow up to become someone who would do such a thing? I think about how we are trying to raise our daughter. I want her to be compassionate and gentle and kind. I hope to god I’m doing it right. I think of that quote that always gets put up on facebook when these kinds of things happen, the Fred Rogers quote about helpers. I want to raise my daughter to be a helper. One of the many who ran to help the victims and the hurt today.

I kiss her the rest of the night. I snuggle her close. My husband is extra cuddly with her too. We squeeze her and kiss her and love on her and sing to her and read her stories and pray she stays healthy and safe. Because it’s getting harder and harder to be safe anymore, when a child goes to cheer his family on in a race and loses his life just standing there… it’s harder and harder to keep our loved ones safe… as a parent, that’s frightening.


*My thoughts are with the families in Boston. I am so thankful my Boston family is safe and my heart goes out to the victims of this senseless tragedy. I am usually horrible at writing things like this, but this one hit too close to home for me not to write and I felt I couldn’t write about anything else for Just Write this week. Thank you Heather for creating us this outlet. Joining in Just Write.


farmers market in april

fabulous finds

new chew pads

new chew pads

naps w daddy

avery toy


reading to boo

reading to boo happy

farmers market peas

bangers and mash

The dreary weather this weekend seemed to bring the mood down a bit. We all found ourselves a bit tired and grumpy but we managed to have some fun times too. We brought back out the jackets and warm hats and did our weekly farmers market run, warm coffee’s and chai tea’s in hand this time. We did a bit of yard sailing where I found the most magnificent chair (more on that find later this week)! There were naps in Daddy’s arms and lots of reading books (Ellie’s new favorite past time). In between lots of indoor play, I got in some cleaning and some sewing. I finally finished the new Ergo chew pads only to realize I had made the stripes going two different ways, cest la vie. And I finished a little softie for our friend’s new bundle of joy that arrived last week. We are hoping to visit and meet little Miss Avery soon (the picture is just the bunnie butt, I’ll post the rest when we meet baby Avery). We ended the weekend with a warm homemade dinner of bangers and mash. The farmers market spring peas I shucked myself which was quite fun. How was your weekend?

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Portrait Project


beach day

eloise: we spent a morning at Marina Park this week and I decided to lay the blanket out in the sand right by the ocean this time. It was fun seeing you dip your toes in the sand and scrunch them up trying to figure out if you liked the textures or not. You also enjoyed watching the waves crash against the shore. You sat watching the waves for awhile before I got you to look at me and smile for the camera. 

-joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!

my favorites this past week were mary catherine’s beauties and the fantastic light she caught and this little darling!

Release The Lady Bugs

We have a serious aphid problem in the garden. My brussel sprouts which were growing beautifully are all of a sudden covered in aphids. I was debating cutting them all down but thought I should try bringing in the troops first. We’ve had some luck before with ladybugs and our balcony garden in Orange County. This seems like a bigger job but I thought I’d give it a try before doing anything rash like chopping everything down. Ellie and I went to the garden store and picked up a bag o’ ladybug as well as some praying mantis eggs (hoping they hatch  and start munching away on the bad bugs soon). I released the lady bugs that morning and it was certainly a sight to see. I love watching them do their thing. I’m sure our neighbors think I’m quite strange rooting on the ladybugs as they find and devour those nasty green aphids that are destroying my garden. We shall see in a few days if the lady bugs were bug enough to take on such a feat as my garden… for now, I leave you with lady bug pictures!

lady bug 1

ladybug 2

lady bug 3

ladybugs go marching

crawling away

Just Write: Protect

cradled in my swollen belly

safe in your swirling ocean world

pushed out into my arms

held close and gentle tight for all time

from belly fed to chest

my breasts protect from illness

they calm your cries each solid latch

you’re nestled snug in pulled tight cloth

against my heart I feel you breath

the world outside stomps loudly by

and you just dream protected

Sleepy stirs, you toss and turn, wriggle close to my warmth

I am there when wakefulness disrupts

eager to help you find your way back to slumber state

scooting round my caterpillar girl

growing day by day

walks while riding close to mama’s heart

watching the world pass by

face buries into shoulder or smiles are given away

never do you feel your emotions are not true

in synchrony for years to come

I promise my shield at your ready

little fingers, little toes splayed out in the crook of my arm

you venture out, my lap your base

green grass and world to explore

from belly to arms to wrap to world

you are ready and I am here.

-joining Heather for Just Write

A Blustery Day


wind blows the trees

palms sway

clouds peek out

branches down

blowing ellies hat


daddy and ellie

dog on clean laundry

Windy Day Things:

Whenever it’s windy like it was today I think of Winnie the pooh.

We wanted to get maximum wind chime chiming out of today’s weather, so I made Jeff switch out the hanging plant with the wind chime. Ellie and I enjoyed hearing the chimes the rest of the day.

The clouds were beautiful on our afternoon dog walk, big, fluffy and spread out through the bright blue sky. I think I took almost twenty photos of them.

The wind makes dogs a bit crazy. Charlotte ran herself into a frenzy then passed out on the fresh, out-of-the-dryer, clean laundry waiting to be folded.

Happy “Windsday” to you!


yard sailing


new bib!


the zoo!


zoological gardens 1




daddy and ellie at the zoo

the fam damily

mama and ellie

a good day at the zoo

This weekend was full of yard sailing (I found a lovely vase), new spring reading material (I am very much enjoying by the way), a new adorable bib came in the mail from a fellow blogger, and we took Ellie to the zoo for the first time! I was very excited and anxious about the whole thing. My parents and sisters decided to join us as well and it turned out to be a very nice day. Nothing to be anxious about in the least. Ellie seemed more interested in the fountains and bars surrounding the animals and it was a little hot for the animals (we didn’t see many awake) but none the less a very fun first time at the zoo for baby girl. The grandparents bought her a zoo book and our weekend ended with a just that- a zoo story before bed.

How was yours?

Portrait Project


toilet roll shot

eloise: you are exploring your toys so much fiercely than ever before. It’s like all of a sudden everything has a purpose and you have made it your life’s work to discover how everything and anything works! We played for quite some time with this toilet paper roll the other day. You would laugh whenever I would peek at you through the hole. When I gave the roll to you to explore, you inspected the thing over in your hands and then tried out how the cardboard tasted as well. It’s neat watching you explore and I know this is just the beginning… I’m excited to watch my little explorer grow!

– joining Jodi and the lovely 52 project!

My favorites for this past week were this one, this and this photo!

Eloise’s Monthly Photo and {this moment}

8 months

Okay so there are words involved with this week’s this moment but Ellie’s monthly photo falls on a Friday this month so I had to include both!

{this moment} “A single photo. No words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.” -joining Soulemama!

this moment with dad

Happy Friday! Have a fantastic weekend!