Eloise’s Monthly Photo

Ellie 9 months

Ellie you are all over the place these days. I can barely keep up with you! You are crawling like a pro and now want to pull yourself up on everything. We are trying to baby proof the house as best we can so that we are not constantly having to redirect you. We thought you were getting a tooth finally, but it has yet to show its toothy face. You are loving listening to all sorts of music on the record player these days and you have finally taken to baths. You took your first bubble bath tonight before bed! Nursing has turned into an olympic gymnast sport and you seem to be uninterested in solid food either these days. You are moving and exploring and you have no time for anything else. Including sleep and diaper changes. Watch out world! Ellie is moving!


Portrait Project


toilet roll shot

eloise: you are exploring your toys so much fiercely than ever before. It’s like all of a sudden everything has a purpose and you have made it your life’s work to discover how everything and anything works! We played for quite some time with this toilet paper roll the other day. You would laugh whenever I would peek at you through the hole. When I gave the roll to you to explore, you inspected the thing over in your hands and then tried out how the cardboard tasted as well. It’s neat watching you explore and I know this is just the beginning… I’m excited to watch my little explorer grow!

– joining Jodi and the lovely 52 project!

My favorites for this past week were this one, this and this photo!

A Very Merry Half Birthday To You

Eloise 6 months

Yesterday Ellie turned Six months old! A half of a year! Wow! It’s just flying by, but I am soaking it all in and taking plenty of pictures too. You are becoming so animated and lively these days. You are practicing all sorts of sounds. Sometimes you will spend a day rolling the mamamama’s and dadadada’s and lalala’s around in your mouth and other days you go right back to the familiar raspberries you have so mastered and forget about the new word-like sounds. Lately you’ve taken to this growling noise. Sometimes you growl when your diaper is wet, other times you growl before you get tired and sometimes you just growl because it’s a cool, new noise you’ve figured out how to make. You are moving your body into all sorts of positions, rolling over, scooting on your belly and sitting up on your own with assistance. Pretty soon you will be crawling away from Mama I’m sure. We love you so very much my baby girl. Keep smiling and singing those sleepy songs. We are very excited to see what tomorrow brings!

* I will be taking a picture every month for Ellie’s first year with her bunny and her Gramma-made t-shirt quilt.

Eloise’s Monthly Photo

Ellie Five monthsFive Months! My goodness you are growing fast! This was a whirlwind of a month. Another trip to the east coast, Christmas, a New year and all the little things you’ve been learning along the way (almost rolling over, teething, raspberries, screaming and growling at us)… fun, fun, fun and busy, tired mama and daddy. We are excited to see what this year will bring watching you grow and develop. We love you Miss Ellie Lou hoo!