Eloise’s Monthly Photo

Ellie 9 months

Ellie you are all over the place these days. I can barely keep up with you! You are crawling like a pro and now want to pull yourself up on everything. We are trying to baby proof the house as best we can so that we are not constantly having to redirect you. We thought you were getting a tooth finally, but it has yet to show its toothy face. You are loving listening to all sorts of music on the record player these days and you have finally taken to baths. You took your first bubble bath tonight before bed! Nursing has turned into an olympic gymnast sport and you seem to be uninterested in solid food either these days. You are moving and exploring and you have no time for anything else. Including sleep and diaper changes. Watch out world! Ellie is moving!


2 thoughts on “Eloise’s Monthly Photo

  1. oh the mischief begins! soon you will be chasing her every second while she climbs everything and gets into everything. I feel like once my 6 month old starts moving around more it’s going to make blogging so much more difficult!
    I love this idea of doing a monthly photo, I will start doing the same with my kids and link it back here 🙂

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