A Garden Mat

I have been wanting to make a few mats for quite a while now. One for the bathroom to replace what our shepherd mix puppy who is now a grown dog used for a dog toy one day and one for our little kitchen patio garden so we stop tracking dirt into the kitchen. I had this old towel I thought would be perfect for the patio to mix with some Anna Maria Horner scraps as well as some other miscellaneous fabric I had in my craft bureau.

I sewed the pieces simply with my sewing machine, until half way through the needle got stuck in that thick towel material, I heard a loud pop and my needle point had to be recovered in the materials.  So, I ended up finishing the mat by hand, which actually proved to be quite relaxing and allowed me to enjoy a few tivoed shows on the couch.

The finished mat fit perfectly outside the door and now I have a pop of color to add to the garden as well as something pretty and soft we can wipe our feet on.