Portrait Project


naked baby

eloise: you are all of a sudden moving! Scooting and kind of crawling and just getting places. You haven’t quite mastered the art of synchronizing those hands and knees to get a real crawl going, but boy that scoot and drag you have going on is certainly getting you places. You resemble an inch worm, inching along at a pretty good pace. We are definitely putting baby gates in the budget for next month. 

*joining Jodi for the lovely 52 project!

My favorites from last week are blue eyed Jessica, the fact that there are new babies being born throughout this project and how can you resist a child and their books.

Another Softie and A Spring Walk

I couldn’t help myself. I had more chenille and more fabric I was dying to dip into. So I made another Easter animal. This time, an Easter Bear. I could have given this one away but I fell in love with it. So, I’m keeping it for Ellie. I fear by the time I am done, she will have a whole zoo of softie animals.

softie bear face

softie bear

Besides making softie animals, I’ve been walking a lot. The weather has been beautiful and we are trying to take advantage. Ellie and I took a walk around the neighborhood today and I’m so glad I brought my camera because the flowers were out in full bloom.



california poppy

bees liked this

in between weeds

pretty colors

peach blossom


The bees were buzzing, the birds were chirping. The colors of the flowers all around us throughout the neighborhood were mesmerizing. It truly feels like spring is here. And I’m loving it! I think I’ll go make another spring time softie…

Baby Food Fun

getting ready

So baby food. Just when I was feeling like I was mastering the whole breast-feeding thing, Ellie starts reaching for food, sitting up unassisted and losing that tongue thrust. All tell-tale signs she’s probably ready for solids. We are starting a bit later than others but I wanted to follow her lead and make sure I wasn’t pushing anything on her that she, or I wasn’t ready for. But, let me tell you. Making baby food is a daunting task. I wanted to do more of a baby-led weaning approach, but I am not so confident or comfortable with giving her chunks of food just yet, so I’m opting to begin with some purees and then go from there. I’ve been pretty much grinding food that Jeff and I are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a food mill and offering that to her a couple times a day in between nursing sessions. She’s had sweet potato, bananas, squash, applesauce, broccoli, pears, peas, avocado and carrots. She’s surprisingly a bigger fan of the veggies. This weekend I boiled yellow and pink beets and then pureed them in the food processor. She really enjoyed the beets!

* the deliciously adorable bib is courtesy of this lovely lady! Find her darling hand-made’s here!


beets on hand

beets oh!



A Handmade Bunny

bunny front


bunny tail

bunny by the books

I can’t help myself. I know it’s not Easter yet but I just had to share what I made for Ellie. We didn’t quite budget enough for the bunny I had my eyes on for Ellie’s first Easter basket (we realized Easter landed in March this year a little too late). I started pouting and throwing an “I hate budgets” tantrum when I came across another bunny I adored on Etsy. This time though, I thought I could probably make it myself. So I found some leftover chenille from Jeff’s quilt and some spring-timeish fabric and whipped up Ellie’s very own completely hand sewn Easter bunny. Another product of those long nursing sessions and napping in my arms that’s been happening lately. I was so impressed with myself I forgot all about wanting to buy her a bunny. I’m itchin’ to make more- so I’ve already started a new little softie with the rest of the chenille… who knows, maybe I’ll be selling on Etsy someday soon.

 a new little guy




picking veggies


chewing on a potato


lindsey plays guitar


a chef in the kitchen


just hanging


a beach walk


happy dogs


breakfast shepherds pie


the art show


cory's quilts


summer meets cory


beautiful day


new windchime


the loot


It felt more like the beginning of summer than spring this weekend! The weather was glorious and we had a beautiful weekend with family. Jeff’s sister flew in from Boston on Friday so Saturday was spent preparing a nice, early dinner for Jeff’s family. We went to the farmers market in the morning, bought ourselves some succulents for the house (I’ve been wanting more house plants), and did our usual produce shopping. Ellie enjoyed chewing on a potato she snatched from Jeff. Jeff made the most delicious shepherd’s pie for his family, even adding in a few parsnips from our own garden (yay!). We took a dog walk along the beach to end the evening. Sunday we started off with Jeff’s shepherd’s pie for breakfast (we jazzed it up with a fried egg and some avocado) and then we headed off with my folks down to meet Jeff’s folks in Santa Barbara (Jeff’s parents are leaving for a short trip to San Francisco tomorrow and then heading back to Boston on Friday). We stopped off at the Santa Barbara Art Show to see a wonderful quilter and blogging friend, Cory. It was exciting to finally meet someone I had been following for awhile now and she was just so sweet!! Her quilts and quilty things were beautiful and inspiring! I wanted to buy everything she had but this time around walked away with an adorable sewing needle book and an adorable bib for Ellie. Check out her beautiful things here! At the art show, we also bought some long awaited wind chimes. I’ve been wanting some for the front porch since we moved in and Jeff bought himself a handmade beer stein, of course. It was a really lovely weekend. I’m happily exhausted. How was your weekend?