baby a

bunny for baby


april sun

farmers market w gramps


kisses for gramma

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A fine, sunny and very warm April weekend we had in these parts. We made the trip out to see good friends and their new darling baby girl. I made her a softie bunny !  It was amazing that just 8.5 months ago my big Eloise was as tiny and sleepy as this sweet baby girl! While visiting, Ellie discovered a hockey stick and my husband is now planning her future as a professional hockey player.We spent lots of time with the grandparents this weekend, at their house and their local farmers market. And I’m working on fun things for Ellie’s room. (More to come soon on that one). How was your weekend?


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picking veggies


chewing on a potato


lindsey plays guitar


a chef in the kitchen


just hanging


a beach walk


happy dogs


breakfast shepherds pie


the art show


cory's quilts


summer meets cory


beautiful day


new windchime


the loot


It felt more like the beginning of summer than spring this weekend! The weather was glorious and we had a beautiful weekend with family. Jeff’s sister flew in from Boston on Friday so Saturday was spent preparing a nice, early dinner for Jeff’s family. We went to the farmers market in the morning, bought ourselves some succulents for the house (I’ve been wanting more house plants), and did our usual produce shopping. Ellie enjoyed chewing on a potato she snatched from Jeff. Jeff made the most delicious shepherd’s pie for his family, even adding in a few parsnips from our own garden (yay!). We took a dog walk along the beach to end the evening. Sunday we started off with Jeff’s shepherd’s pie for breakfast (we jazzed it up with a fried egg and some avocado) and then we headed off with my folks down to meet Jeff’s folks in Santa Barbara (Jeff’s parents are leaving for a short trip to San Francisco tomorrow and then heading back to Boston on Friday). We stopped off at the Santa Barbara Art Show to see a wonderful quilter and blogging friend, Cory. It was exciting to finally meet someone I had been following for awhile now and she was just so sweet!! Her quilts and quilty things were beautiful and inspiring! I wanted to buy everything she had but this time around walked away with an adorable sewing needle book and an adorable bib for Ellie. Check out her beautiful things here! At the art show, we also bought some long awaited wind chimes. I’ve been wanting some for the front porch since we moved in and Jeff bought himself a handmade beer stein, of course. It was a really lovely weekend. I’m happily exhausted. How was your weekend?


family walk

uncle ty

new toys

these trees

farmers market


barts books

lookin for beer books

boo bear sleeps!

almond blossoms

snap pea

dog bath

mama play

We had beautiful, warm, sunny weather this weekend. Perfect weather to make the short trip to my parents house for a breakfast and a nice dog walk. My brother who hadn’t seen baby girl in awhile was there and enjoyed spending some quality time with his niece and of course, Gramma and Grandpa couldn’t help but get Ellie some new toys (for Valentine’s Day of course). We spent sunday doing chores… laundry, food shopping, cleaning and got our produce this week at the Ojai Farmers Market. A lovely market to visit on occasion, (especially if your child decides she’s going to nap on the way up there and on the way down. The same child who screams like crazy whenever we put her in the carseat. We are hoping this new fad of falling asleep in the carseat stays awhile). While in Ojai we stopped off at Barts Books, a very neat outdoor bookstore. Jeff found himself a couple good brewing books for his collection. The rest of the day was busy bathing stinky dogs, snacking on our fresh snap peas in the yard (yay winter garden growth!) , more laundry, cooking dinner and ending the day with lots of cuddles from a certain adorable someone in cloth diapers. A pretty low key but very nice weekend.

How was your weekend?

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