Valentines Day 2019

Well, so much for my New Years resolution to write in this space more often… it’s now the middle of February and I’m finally getting back to this space. I do think of it so often and even come back to look things up, or grab a photo or memory.

In defense, we have all had a myriad of illness’ since Christmas, so there hasn’t been much to write or document anyway.

Today though, was a lovely, perfect day. It was easy and fun and just right for where I am in my life.

Jeff and Ellie made heart pancakes and we had a lovely display of goodies for everyone this morning. Ellie went to her EA class and I got to teach a fun Love Monster art lesson to the class and then Ellie and her friends stomped in puddles with the neighbor kids and I got to end the night cuddled up to my love. Such a nice day.