End of the Year Portraits

This was one tough year of portraits. I didn’t use my real camera at all, just my iPhone, which sometimes makes it hard to take a really nice portrait. Next year, I’m going to really make the effort to take more with my real camera. I almost gave up with these portraits too, since blogging about anything has also been a challenge. I really hoping to come back into this space more frequently in 2019. So, with all my excuses, I still did manage to pull together 52 portraits of 2018. Here are the last 3!

Eloise: More handwork before Christmas. You spent several hours making a potholder and then quickly wanted to make more. I love these rare, quiet, focused practices.

Eloise: We did Christmas with my side of the family before our trip to Boston and Ellie was showered with stuffies! The joy on your face when you got that Bengal Albino Tiger (just like Sheera in Ice Age)!

Eloise: The last photo of the year. After a long trip to Boston to see your Nana and Papa,  you and I got very sick. We almost missed all of Christmas. But we both rallied and felt well enough by Christmas Day to partake in some of the festivities. The last few days we were there, we got some fresh, chilly Massachusetts air. It was certainly a memorable Christmas and quite the year.

* A photo of Ellie, once a week, every week, in 2018*

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