It was quite the busy weekend this second weekend of October! Birthday parties, festivals and Scottish highland games!
Friday we met up with friends and went to the 30th Annual Avocado Festival. I had went ahead and painted something again for their t-shirt contest, but didn’t win. (I actually don’t think my style is what they are looking for anyway, but its always good practice and gets me out of my element). Here was my submission:
It was a really fun night hanging with friends and watching Ellie enjoy herself.

Saturday we were back in Carpinteria for an Elmo birthday party! Another fun time celebrating with friends!
On Sunday we took the morning and went to the much anticipated Scottish Highland Games and Festival. Jeff’s lineage is Scottish and we discovered all sorts of new things about his ancestry. I even got him to buy a kilt and officially join his “Clan”.

An all around great weekend!! Love this little family of mine and our fantastic weekends.