A Homeschool Valentine Party

We had such a fun day today, celebrating Valentines Day with our homeschool friends. I stayed up extra late the night before, preparing some special treats for our kiddos. We had a Cupid’s arrow game, wooden bead necklaces, a table puppet show, lots of yummy treats, a heart friendship rock hunt and an adorable valentine exchange. It was perfection! Thank you to my fellow homeschooling mamas. I couldn’t have pulled it off without them!



Exploring Amethyst


In homeschool club this week, we talked about January and February’s rock boxes- Quartz and Amethyst. We talked about the different types of rocks (rocks versus minerals), the crystal structures of both and then the girls drew amethyst crystals onto rubber stamps. I carved their drawing and they had a great time making prints of their crystal stamps. A quick but fun lesson!

Amethyst peg doll by pegandbranch
Rock boxes by me!
Love bug necklaces by FairyShadow

A Waldorf Valentine Faire

This past weekend we got to attend the Goleta Waldorf School Valentine Winter Faire. We had done the Christmas faire in December and we were all blown away by how lovely and beautiful everything was. Ellie had the most wonderful time once again. There were puppets shows and Valentine fairies and goats and bees and wool and just everything magical. DSC_0340DSC_0348DSC_0326DSC_0327DSC_0331DSC_0333DSC_0337
waldorf fairewaldorffaire

(treasures we brought home)

Portrait Project week 5 and 6

Eloise: Hard at work with your Dada. You guys have been doing “engineering” days together for home school. Pulleys, cranes, jet propulsion , all topics you’ve been working on. It’s such a joy to watch you work with your Dada and also to watch you understanding these concepts so thoroughly. My little engineer!

Eloise: I love this photo. It encapsulates all the wonder and joy that 5 brings. You wear your witches hat daily, you choose a dinosaur shirt because you just love dinos. You eagerly wear your nature vest that carries mama-made patches and pins and you are giddy to wear a new little love bug treasure around your neck. As hard as 5 has been, THIS is what its all about. I love you my love bug!

“a photo of Ellie, once a week, every week in 2018”