Portrait Project week 5 and 6

Eloise: Hard at work with your Dada. You guys have been doing “engineering” days together for home school. Pulleys, cranes, jet propulsion , all topics you’ve been working on. It’s such a joy to watch you work with your Dada and also to watch you understanding these concepts so thoroughly. My little engineer!

Eloise: I love this photo. It encapsulates all the wonder and joy that 5 brings. You wear your witches hat daily, you choose a dinosaur shirt because you just love dinos. You eagerly wear your nature vest that carries mama-made patches and pins and you are giddy to wear a new little love bug treasure around your neck. As hard as 5 has been, THIS is what its all about. I love you my love bug!

“a photo of Ellie, once a week, every week in 2018”


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