Portrait Project

eloise: We had so much fun together this past week. We’ve had a couple very hot, end of August weeks and so we headed down to the beach. Splashing in the water, floating boats that we made, building sand castles together, running down the beach, collecting sea glass and shells… the list goes on. This is what life is made up of. And I’m so glad to be sharing my days and my life with you.


Weekending (ahem…. a week late)…

We stayed close to home this past weekend. Ellie was just getting over a little bug and it was very hot (the weather always seems to get exponentially warmer and more summery right about the time that kids are heading back to school around these parts). We went to one of the most adorable birthday parties ever and then took to the beach where Gramma talked us into taking a ride in one of those beach surrey’s. (No fringe on top sadly). 😉 Lots of watermelon was eaten and I started planning our first year of “preschool homeschooling” (which I will hopefully find the time to write more about in the coming days). Trying to keep cool in a town with no air conditioning and enjoying the last bit of summer. We’re busy and having fun.
m's bday
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It was a pretty busy weekend, which was good, it kept my mind off not knowing anything about Ellie (we found out the all clear test results Monday). Saturday, Ellie and Jeff spent the day together while I went to a friend’s fundraiser for children in child care and food programs. It was a painting/ silent auction style fundraiser and right on the beach too. Very enjoyable! I’m so proud of my dear friends who put the whole thing together as well.
Sunday I had a baby shower for a local Mama friend. A lovely morning with some good friends and lots of round baby bellies. The rest of the day was spent hanging at home, a little bit of sprinkler action to cool everyone off. It has been a hot few days.
Today I’m dealing with a little girl with a fever though. I swear, we never get through a summer without at least one bug. Hoping this one is a quick one. We have so much left to do before Fall is here (and it will be here before you know it). 😉
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Portrait Project

eloise: we had quite the scare these past two weeks. The Friday after your 3rd birthday, we went for your 3 year check up with the doctor. While pressing on your tummy, she found what she thought was a small abdominal mass. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but assured us it was probably nothing, but she would like us to get an ultrasound, just to make sure. The ultrasound was last Friday. You couldn’t nurse over night for the first time ever in your young life (you had to fast for the ultrasound). It was an incredibly difficult night. No one slept. You were a champ for the very long ultrasound, even though you broke down with anxiety and probably tiredness at the very end. You nursed in the parking lot afterwards. The emotions soaring through both of us. It was the longest week in a half of my life. Even though the doctor said there was probably nothing to worry about, the worst case scenarios filled my head. A future of uncertainty. I have never known fear like that. The results came back this afternoon…..  All clear. Everything looked great. The doctor must have mistaken your kidney or bladder for a mass. Biggest sigh of relief. A different future was laid out in front of me again. My girl was healthy. My heart full. My heart thankful.
It’s interesting, because when I got the news, I realized how very lucky we were. Some parents get the opposite news. My heart breaks for them. I truly am blessed to have this beautiful, amazing, healthy child in my life. I love you Ellie.

The August Garden

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a garden update. Our garden is certainly producing. Things are a little wild and out of control, especially the tomatoes. Ellie goes into the garden daily and helps herself to handfuls of cherry tomatoes. “Mama, can I eat another one please?” We have mint and the occasional strawberry still. We have a very large pumpkin growing in the back and hops climbing almost all the way up to the roof. It’s very dry around here and we try not to over-water, but things still seem to be pushing through the dryness and heat and growing. My flower bed is full of wildflowers I had sprinkled in there from months past. We have roses growing and lemons a plenty. We are enjoying watching all the buggy visitors come and go and especially watching the butterflies fly through. We have seen a swallowtail visit the lemon and orange tree almost on a daily basis the past few weeks. So much life and beauty.
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How is your garden growing?

Weekending: Birthday Bash Edition

This week we celebrated Ellie’s third birthday. Her actual birthday was on a Wednesday, so after Ellie was surprised with her mama made Neverland set and Totoro set, we spent the day with friends at the zoo and then met up with Gramma and Grandpa for ice cream and a carousel ride.
This weekend, we celebrated Ellie’s birthday again with a Peter Pan Party! Ellie had her very own Peter Pan dress and we were lucky enough to have a pirate ship only a block away (Our neighbor built one for his children and now rents it out for parties. How could we not get it?!) Family and friends came to celebrate. It was a very hot August afternoon and I think a little overwhelming with all her friends and family in one place, but at the end of the day, she told me, “I am such a lucky girl Mama. I had the best party.” Well, that was all worth it.

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our girl!!

Portrait Project

More Portrait Project catch up!
Eloise: you are three! Spunky, smart, sweet, challenging, imaginative, energetic, dramatic, loving, funny, THREE!

eloise: This week has been an overwhelming one. A birthday and then a big Peter Pan birthday party. Fun, emotional, exciting and busy. A love this child so fiercely. It’s amazing we are celebrating three years with her. I’m looking forward to what 3 has in store.


This weekend we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. My mom,  my siblings and their significant others and Jeff and Ellie and I were there. Lots of good food and treats and excitement.  The morning though was spent at a friend’s house for a mama book club. We discussed The Book of Joe. (A really light and good read). The host had cold brew coffee and home cooked scones and four of us enjoyed some kid free time, discussing all sorts of topics. It was a very lovely morning!

Sunday, Jeff and Ellie made blueberry turnovers and we spent the afternoon doing chores and managing a very moody almost 3-year-old.

How was your weekend?




Going on 3 years

I couldn’t let National Breastfeeding Week go by without writing anything. So here I am.  It has been  almost 3 years since I started breastfeeding my daughter. And now here I am, lying upstairs nursing her to sleep for a nap, three days before she turns 3. 

We’ve been going through a very big transition because of circumstances where I will have to be away from her at night time for the first time in a couple months, therefore, we’ve been slowly trying to wean her from those night time nursings. Im not going to lie. It’s been quite the difficult road. Even though she only nurses at nap and in the early mornings these days, milk in the night time is a very sacred thing for her and it’s been painfully hard to take it away (even though we’re being as gentle as we can throughout this process). We are still nursing in the mornings at wake up and some nap times too. So not completely weaning. 

Nursing an almost 3 year old has been a challenge. I love it one day, the tender, sweet moments it brings and the next day I wonder why I ever decided to nurse so long. But it usually always comes down to ‘because Ellie still needs it’.  We tend to push our children into growing up so very quickly and forget that even though they seem to know a great many things in their young years, they are still so very small and for Ellie, that closeness and ease that mamas milk brings is unlike anything else. There is no real time line with nursing for me. I’ve certainly grown weary of nursing late into the night. And routines are changing and some days , milk is much less. Ellie often asks for almond milk now or cows milk . I think she’s working toward weaning in her own ways as well. I am patient (sometimes). And I don’t think I am entirely ready to give up our nursing relationship just yet. But I do believe we are getting closer to closing this door and opening another. And when that day comes, I will look upon these days with pride and with love. I will most likely forget the challenges but keep the joy of breast feeding close to my heart.