Going on 3 years

I couldn’t let National Breastfeeding Week go by without writing anything. So here I am.  It has been  almost 3 years since I started breastfeeding my daughter. And now here I am, lying upstairs nursing her to sleep for a nap, three days before she turns 3. 

We’ve been going through a very big transition because of circumstances where I will have to be away from her at night time for the first time in a couple months, therefore, we’ve been slowly trying to wean her from those night time nursings. Im not going to lie. It’s been quite the difficult road. Even though she only nurses at nap and in the early mornings these days, milk in the night time is a very sacred thing for her and it’s been painfully hard to take it away (even though we’re being as gentle as we can throughout this process). We are still nursing in the mornings at wake up and some nap times too. So not completely weaning. 

Nursing an almost 3 year old has been a challenge. I love it one day, the tender, sweet moments it brings and the next day I wonder why I ever decided to nurse so long. But it usually always comes down to ‘because Ellie still needs it’.  We tend to push our children into growing up so very quickly and forget that even though they seem to know a great many things in their young years, they are still so very small and for Ellie, that closeness and ease that mamas milk brings is unlike anything else. There is no real time line with nursing for me. I’ve certainly grown weary of nursing late into the night. And routines are changing and some days , milk is much less. Ellie often asks for almond milk now or cows milk . I think she’s working toward weaning in her own ways as well. I am patient (sometimes). And I don’t think I am entirely ready to give up our nursing relationship just yet. But I do believe we are getting closer to closing this door and opening another. And when that day comes, I will look upon these days with pride and with love. I will most likely forget the challenges but keep the joy of breast feeding close to my heart. 



4 thoughts on “Going on 3 years

  1. Congratulations Summer, and Ellie on making three years. As a mama who nursed to five and half years with my little man, I still look back on those days with much love and joy. They were special in so many ways, yes even the middle of the night feedings, which he did until he was four and half. I wouldn’t trade those years of nursing for anything.

    Hope the nighttime weaning goes well 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this intimate relationship with us, it is truly a gift.

    My little ones are all weaned, and I both miss it and feel that we all moved on quite naturally based upon our own needs. It is such a special time and when we stopped it was sort of like the last step in “cutting the chord,” if you will.

    I am inspired by your commitment to do what is best for your little girl, even if it is hard sometimes 🙂

  3. So wonderful you’re giving her an easy transition and her own pace. I loved nursing the girls until 2.5 but around that time I felt done, usually because like you mentioned, one day you love it and the connection, the next day it’s challenging. With Makaia I weaned around the 2nd month of my pregnancy (wow it’s only been a few months but it feels forever ago!) We’d been trying for months to night wean but it just didn’t take. Finally (because my boobs were so sore with preggy hormones) I just kept saying ‘nanas are owie for mommy right now’ (because OUCH are they sore first trimester!) and she wasn’t happy about it, there was some crying, but I’d cuddle her and tell her stories. I was so surprised by the 3rd night she didn’t even ask. Aerilaya I weaned at the same age but tandem nursed for 3 weeks.

    Every mama will find her own weaning rhythm and you’re an amazing mom for giving Ellie so much comfort and connection.

    I can’t BELIEVE she’s going to be 3!!!!

    Sending you lots of love x

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