Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!


Last week marked the end of our home school “winter session”. California is just too green right now to not move into the more “spring related” projects. We decided to head up to the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens and spend some time looking for the things we had studied this winter like mushrooms, evergreens, worms, moss and lichens. I had created a little card to remind them of everything and I also created a paper with a special winter nature hunt : Something they saw, something they heard, something they smelt, something they touched. We also did a little “winter pond” nature study. I made them a little labeled guide, but there wasn’t much to look at this time. We will revisit the pond each season. We had a wonderful time exploring the gardens and then had a fun winter time snowman snack. The girls also got their badges from this winter too. We’re excited to begin the spring session!


52 Project

Eloise: You are obsessed with dinosaurs. You caught the dino bug when you watched a “spinosaurus” discovery documentary that Dada was watching. You were utterly fascinated and have been curious about dinos ever since. First your favorite dinosaur was the T-Rex but since doing some research, your new favorite is Anklyosaurus.

“a photo of Ellie, each week, every week in 2017”

A Little Hike Between the Rains

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day of no rain and lots of sunshine last week. A neighbor invited us to go on a little hike nearby and we jumped at the chance to get some exercise and get outdoors.
The trail was perfect for miss Ellie Boo who is a novice hiker (we don’t do too much hiking these days because she puts up quite the fuss about walking anywhere). But with a friend her same age, she made it through with little whining this time. 😉
The trail led us down to a river and the girls enjoyed wading in the water, scooping up mud and looking for bugs. On our way back up the trail, we stumbled upon a beautiful horse and his handler. She let the girls pet him and talked to us a bit about riding this particular breed. It was a really lovely day and I hope its the beginning of many more hikes with Ellie.

52 project

Eloise: Your first hair trim at 4.5 years old. Brushing and washing hair has always been quite the struggle and so we finally talked you into a little trim. I think you were afraid the “cutting” part would hurt, but after ward, you wanted me to trim off a little more every day. “It’s fun Mama”! You said after I finished. Your hair is still very long, but at least now its a little more manageable and no one has to suffer through brushing out tangles anymore.

Eloise: Working on Valentine’s crafts at your nature/art table. I love these simple moments with you.

“a photo of Ellie, once a week, every week, in 2017”

A Week of love

Valentines Day is always a fun one for me. I’ve always embraced the loving aspect of showing the people you’re closest too how much you love them through handmade cards, lovely gifts and goodies. It’s my Dad’s fault. He was always spoiling us as kids with sweet V-Day goodies and I’ve always remembered how fun that was.
Valentines Day for us was a wonderful day of celebration. We started off with some heart pancakes and strawberries for breakfast and a little mini valentine scavenger hunt with cards I made for a Tasha Tudor swap.
Jeff made me a lovely love bird pastel and brought me home a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I got him a wonderful decadent box of handmade chocolates and made him a little mama bear, papa bear card.

Later that day we drove up the coast for a home school valentine party. I had set up some valentine heart sun catchers for the kids to make, we swapped valentines and there was, of course, lots of sweets!
Hope you had a lovely love day too!!!

The Early Bird Catches the Worm


This week was “worm week” in home school club. I put together a little lesson for the kiddos and we headed to a creek to dig for worms too. (I bought some red garden worms too, just in case we couldn’t find any, but we had no problem since we’ve had lots of rain these past few weeks).
I made each child their own felted worms to take home and for imaginary play and put together a  card so we could learn more about the parts of the worm. I will have a pdf of this available in my Etsy shop soon. I also found some great Montessori nomenclature cards for worms, we used this wonderful book and looked at one of Audubon’s paintings which depicted birds bringing worms to their baby birds.

We read Worm Weather and an old 70’s story about worms. We explored and gently handled the red worms in our bins and then headed down to the creek to see if we could find “wild” worms.

After finding all sorts of worms down in the creek and exploring and getting wet and muddy, we headed back up to do some sketching of our worms and then sat down to a fun treat of dirt cups and gummy worms!

Moss Study

These past two weeks have been devoted to all the green that’s been popping up with all this rain California is getting – Moss.  Home school Club has been very busy learning about mosses and lichens. The first week we were home bound because it was a little too wet and rainy. I set up a display of craft mosses and mosses and lichen I had collected. We talked about the different types of moss and how moss grows etc. and then did some sketching and made our own little moss terrariums.

The following week was much more “in the field”. We spent the morning at one of our favorite parks and went searching for moss and lichen specimens. We read the book Mossy (one of my favorites) and sketched what we found in our Moss sketchbooks. We also made little moss peg doll fairies to bring home with us too with the craft moss I had left over from last week. It was a really nice lesson and I think the kids really enjoyed exploring and learning about mosses and lichens.


52 Project

Eloise: We visited my parents house this week and for the first time since I can remember, the “creek” near the house I grew up in was filled with water. As a child, I played in this “creek”, catching tadpoles, finding moss and bugs and just being a kid out in nature. We took Ellie down the rocks and into the creek bed. She explored for quite awhile and it made my heart sing to see her playing in a space that I had once played as a kid.

Eloise: Every week we have a little nature school with your closest friends. I lead the group. Last week we learned about moss and lichen. We went to one of our favorite parks for exploring and found all sorts of neat specimens. I love watching you learn and explore nature. My budding naturalist!

“The 52 project, a photo once a week, every week in 2017”