A Little Hike Between the Rains

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful day of no rain and lots of sunshine last week. A neighbor invited us to go on a little hike nearby and we jumped at the chance to get some exercise and get outdoors.
The trail was perfect for miss Ellie Boo who is a novice hiker (we don’t do too much hiking these days because she puts up quite the fuss about walking anywhere). But with a friend her same age, she made it through with little whining this time. šŸ˜‰
The trail led us down to a river and the girls enjoyed wading in the water, scooping up mud and looking for bugs. On our way back up the trail, we stumbled upon a beautiful horse and his handler. She let the girls pet him and talked to us a bit about riding this particular breed. It was a really lovely day and I hope its the beginning of many more hikes with Ellie.


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