Portrait Project

eloise: Peter Pan. You love it. Everything about it. We listen to the Mary Martin soundtrack daily. You enjoy watching the Cathy Rigby stage version on Friday movie nights. You pretend to be Wendy and dance like Peter Pan and chase me around like Captain Hook (we found these “hooks” at Target the other day and as much as I’m not a plastic toy fan, how could we not buy this). We have even read bits and pieces of J.M. Barrie’s novel aloud to you. I love the magic of it all.

-joining Jodi for the 52 Project!


A Birthday for Polar Bear Cub

Every morning, Ellie and Dada do a bit of reading. One of their favorites these days are the lovely Baby Bug‘s that I’ve had stored away till she was old enough. These are wonderful, little kid magazines, filled with rhymes and beautiful illustrations. In one of the Baby Bug’s, one of the recurring character’s (Kim from Kim and Carrots) throws a party for her stuffed animal. Well, naturally Ellie wanted to do the same for her Polar Bear Cub (the most coveted stuffed animal these days).
We made Polar Bear Cub a birthday crown (Just like Ellie’s).
tea party
Ellie set up some tea for all of us.
polar bear cub picture
Ellie painted Polar Bear Cub a painting and then drew a picture of Polar Bear Cub.
And we made Polar bear Cub a little playdoh cake. Complete with candles. 😉
pbc blows his candles out and Polar bear Cub blew his candles out with help from Ellie. It was a birthday party success!!! After it was over, Ellie exclaimed…. “okay, now it’s my turn for a birthday!” hmmm…..

An encounter with some Wild Lupine


The other day, my friend posted some glorious photos of her daughter in a patch of wild lupine. I asked her where she was and it turned out she had stumbled upon a patch of wild lupine near the beach. The whole week I had been wanting to take Ellie and see these flowers. One of my favorite children’s books growing up was  Miss Rumphis, or as I called it, “The Lupine lady”. I was so excited to see these wild flowers growing so close to the beach, just like in the book (I’m hoping these actually were lupine. I tried my best to identify them and they looked very close to wild lupine in my guides, but please tell me otherwise). 😉

So Ellie, who’s all of a sudden just off and riding her balance bike like a pro these days, decided she wanted to bring her bike down with us to the beach.  We rode down (she rode, I trotted next to her) to the spot where the lupines grow. It was such a nice outing. So lovely being among these beautiful, bright, wild flowers, so close to the beach.
I think California is seriously confused with its seasons… but today, I was so glad for this touch of spring.
bike and pier
walking along
more lupine
pretty beach flowers
fun in the sun

A Valentine Party


We went to a Valentine party today at a friend’s house. It was lovely and fun and I, of course, enjoyed making Valentine-y treats (I brought heart carrot cakes and heart cucumber open-face sandwiches. Ellie had worked on making valentines for her friends and I made some peg dolls to go with them. We wore our valentine best and enjoyed friends and yummy treats. The hostess had crafts for us to work on while there and she made beautiful little backpacks for each child to put their valentines in! It was so special! Ellie was thrilled she was able to take her home! A fun start to this Valentines’ Day weekend!
cucumber sandwiches
carrot cake
ellie bag
cutie pie