An encounter with some Wild Lupine


The other day, my friend posted some glorious photos of her daughter in a patch of wild lupine. I asked her where she was and it turned out she had stumbled upon a patch of wild lupine near the beach. The whole week I had been wanting to take Ellie and see these flowers. One of my favorite children’s books growing up was  Miss Rumphis, or as I called it, “The Lupine lady”. I was so excited to see these wild flowers growing so close to the beach, just like in the book (I’m hoping these actually were lupine. I tried my best to identify them and they looked very close to wild lupine in my guides, but please tell me otherwise). 😉

So Ellie, who’s all of a sudden just off and riding her balance bike like a pro these days, decided she wanted to bring her bike down with us to the beach.  We rode down (she rode, I trotted next to her) to the spot where the lupines grow. It was such a nice outing. So lovely being among these beautiful, bright, wild flowers, so close to the beach.
I think California is seriously confused with its seasons… but today, I was so glad for this touch of spring.
bike and pier
walking along
more lupine
pretty beach flowers
fun in the sun


4 thoughts on “An encounter with some Wild Lupine

  1. so lovely! miss rumphius is also one of my absolute favorites 😉 it was my favorite as a little girl and i also called it “the lupine lady”. love it summer!! and ellie looks like such a big girl on her bike.

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