Weekending: Easter Edition!

We hosted Easter this year at our house. I just love decorating for Easter (Spring). The yellows, the pinks, the light baby blues. It makes me happy to see my house so full of these lovely colors. It was a very nice Easter weekend. Friday we spent the day at our local Farm. It was all done up for Easter. Even the ponies were painted (and just a side note: I am not a fan of pony rides. I don’t feel that walking around in a circle all day long is a comfortable way to live, but, Ellie had never ridden a horse or pony before and when she saw a pink painted pony, there was no way around not letting her ride this one time). There were other animals there and tractor rides as well. Ellie loved getting to brush the baby goats and touch the ducklings and see the baby pigs.
Saturday we got to go to an Easter event at a friend’s park. Ellie played games and got to do a very quick egg hunt and enjoy some time with friends.
Easter Sunday, we hosted at our house. The Easter bunny delivered some fun goodies for Ellie and hid all the eggs we had dyed that past week in our backyard. My parents and siblings came and Jeff’s parents came too.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!! Happy Spring!!

Weekending (a little late)

After a horrible, random throw up bug, last week, the weekend was for recovering. However, we had two very important birthdays first. My mom’s 60th and my Mother in Law’s birthday the next day. My middle sister threw my Mom a birthday party with all of our immediate family. DSC_0165DSC_0174DSC_0176DSC_0180DSC_0185DSC_0195
On Sunday we headed up to Carpinteria and took a nice birthday walk down the salt marsh to check out the water birds and the lovely spring green. It was the perfect thing to do on the first day of Spring. DSC_0213DSC_0214DSC_0216DSC_0224DSC_0229DSC_0233DSC_0239DSC_0240DSC_0241
Hoping both my Mom and MIL had a lovely birthday this year. We enjoyed celebrating with them!


We had a very busy and fun weekend! It was our town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade this past Saturday, so of course we went downtown for that with Gramma and Grandpa. That same day we had Ellie’s best friend’s fourth birthday to celebrate. It was a lovely afternoon! Sunday, Ellie’s Nana and Papa flew in for the month. They will be staying in the next town over. We spent a nice afternoon with them, at the park and taking a walk along the beach in Carpinteria.



eloise: And then we were done. Three and a half years of nursing seems to be over. You woke up one morning about three weeks ago and said, “Mama, I think I don’t want to drink your milk anymore.” And that, was that. I didn’t think you would wean on your own. You were so attached to milk, but something changed, you grew up all of a sudden and decided. It’s bittersweet, but I was ready for you to be done. We cuddle every morning now and I’m liking the new routine. You are growing up my dear. A whole new world awaits.