The Swallows Come Home

March’s bird is the Cliff Swallow. I chose the swallow because as a child I remember visiting the Mission San Juan Capistrano on my Mom’s birthday, several years in a row to watch the swallows return and how neat it was to see them. Their mud nests secured on the Mission walls. Later on, the swallows who returned were fewer and fewer (I believe they head to Chino Hills to freeway overpass’ now).
We’ve been having a really fun time learning about swallows so far.
I made another magnet set for Ellie and our favorite swallow book so far has been Leo Politi’s Song of The Swallow.
I put together a little set of bird card paintings for Ellie (and for me to practice my bird art) and had a friend make a little wooden swallow for the set as well. (I may end up putting a few of these sets in my etsy shop too).
The wooden swallow is getting a lot of play. Here he is co-mingling with some bees.
We even brought in some art into this month’s birding. We molded swallow nests out of clay and then both of us made swallow paper dolls for our nests. It was a fun morning and the nests turned out really sweet.
We even bought a new bird feeder for our front yard and watch our new little house finch friends enjoy the seeds! I never knew birding could be this fun!


One thought on “The Swallows Come Home

  1. Again a wonderful interesting blog full of arts and crafts by the two of you. Grampa Earl and I had bird feeders too and loved watching the variety of birds coming to visit and eat. Our favorite time of the year was in April when the violet green swallows returned to nest, year after year. Then suddenly they came no more to stay. Their house was falling apart and they moved somewhere else but we sure missed them.

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