Our Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas. The whole season went too quickly, I’m having withdrawls already. We were in Boston with Jeff’s family for Thanksgiving, so this year, we stayed local and after opening presents at our house and having a fun cinnamon bun breakfast, we headed to my parents house to celebrate and have Christmas dinner.
Ellie, at 3 years and a couple months, was loads of fun. Everything she opened was so exciting for her. She danced to Christmas music (her favorites being “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”and “I Saw Three Ships”). She helped me make Christmas cookies and pass them out to friends and neighbors. We did lots of Christmas crafting, she got to go ice skating several times with her Dada. Her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles from both sides spoiled her with delightful gifts and goodies. And Santa brought her a heavy baby (made from this wonderful doll maker) and a new stroller to replace the old one that broke (from here), as well as a soccer ball she had been wanting. We had so much fun this season!


Little Polar bear softie made by me. Penguin softie by GrandyandBaa on instagram

My pinterest crafts- sweater mittens and a kitty ornament I made.
Peter Pan doll from TaleWorld on etsy


Custom Tree dolls by TansyDolls on etsy



The annual handmade Christmas dress from Gramma!


Wishing you a wonderful rest of your holiday and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Portrait Project

eloise: And here you are a happy, brave girl, waiting in line for a Christmas carnival ride (that by the way, I wouldn’t have dared stepped on by myself at your age), but you were adamant to ride something by yourself. You are quite something little girl!

eloise: I wouldn’t normally post a photo of your sad face, nor do I normally take photos of you when you are having such big emotions. But, this day you were happy as a clam one minute and upset or pouting about something else the next. I wanted to include one photo of the face I see just as much as that beautiful, sweet, happy face. Three has been pretty challenging. The ups and downs of emotions. The yelling. The demands. I’ve tried to get you through these emotions somewhat peacefully, but most days, I am at a loss as what to do. I felt this photo was both sad and beautiful, because it truly shows real life with this amazing, frustrating 3 year old. And as I tell you (and you often tell me), “I love you when you are angry, I love you when sad. I love you when you are happy. I love you when you are glad. I love you because you’re you.”

joining the 52 project!

Our Days Before Christmas


We’ve been creating, crafting, Advent-ing (with my homemade one and this lovely one from Eric Carle). We’ve been playing with the Nutcracker paper dolls I found here as well as reading and listening to the music. We had a gingerbread scavenger hunt after our gingerbread men went missing. We’ve been “elving” and painting and sewing and making merry all month. And there’s more to come!! I just love this time of year. How about you? How are you enjoying this month?

Portrait Project Catch Up

I’m not even going to explain why I’m 6 weeks behind. I’m just going to post these as if I’m not that behind.

eloise: you got to go ice skating for the very first time. Your Dada was bursting with pride as he helped you glide across the ice. You loved it so much. You stayed out on the ice for a whole hour and you and Dada were the last to leave the ice.

eloise: fly little owl, fly!!

eloise: We spent the week in Boston for Thanksgiving. The weather was cool and crisp. And we packed it full of lots of fun, like always. You were a little disappointed there was no snow, but we found you a giant pile of leaves… and you were happy.

eloise: While in Boston, we got to bring you to The Eric Carle Museum. My all time favorite little museum. You enjoyed it very much (in fact we had to take you out screeching). You look so grown up in this iphone photo. Some days I wonder where all those baby days went.

eloise: We’re lacking photos from last week, so one more goodie from the Boston trip.
This girl. She can be so tough to the point of bringing me to tears. But then that same day can make me cry tears of joy. Spunky, strong-willed and boisterous. My little love.