Portrait Project Catch Up

I’m not even going to explain why I’m 6 weeks behind. I’m just going to post these as if I’m not that behind.

eloise: you got to go ice skating for the very first time. Your Dada was bursting with pride as he helped you glide across the ice. You loved it so much. You stayed out on the ice for a whole hour and you and Dada were the last to leave the ice.

eloise: fly little owl, fly!!

eloise: We spent the week in Boston for Thanksgiving. The weather was cool and crisp. And we packed it full of lots of fun, like always. You were a little disappointed there was no snow, but we found you a giant pile of leaves… and you were happy.

eloise: While in Boston, we got to bring you to The Eric Carle Museum. My all time favorite little museum. You enjoyed it very much (in fact we had to take you out screeching). You look so grown up in this iphone photo. Some days I wonder where all those baby days went.

eloise: We’re lacking photos from last week, so one more goodie from the Boston trip.
This girl. She can be so tough to the point of bringing me to tears. But then that same day can make me cry tears of joy. Spunky, strong-willed and boisterous. My little love.


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