Ladybug Love

This week for home school class we explored lady bugs. We have been visiting a lovely nature spot and the girls have noticed lots of lady bugs around the area, so we thought we’d do a little more in depth study on the local lady beetles. We found plenty and decided to sketch them and make our own ladybugs out of beeswax modeling clay. We read a lady bug story and used to books to look at all the different types of lady birds there are in the world. There was even a lady bug obstacle course built! All of the ladybugs we caught that day were of course set free after we were done with our lesson. It was a lovely cool spring morning of exploration and play.


Portrait Project

Eloise: About five months away from being a five year old! You are still very spunky and very assertive of your independence (which of course makes my days a bit challenging). You are dedicated to animals and learning as much as you can about them. You are newly fascinated with dinosaurs (“I like them because they are cool Mama”). You sing all day long and when you aren’t singing, you are talking and telling stories. You play hard with your friends. I find some days when we are out with friends, I only catch glimpses of you because you are so busy and in deep play with them. You love to cuddle with me at the end of the day though and tell me all of your “highs” and that you “don’t have any lows today Mama”, beaming proudly.
You are my light little girl, my high… every day.

Wild Play


We’ve been out in the wild a lot these days. Soaking in the gorgeous colors of this wet California spring. Taking little nature walks and exploring local pond life and checking on the seals along the bluffs. It’s brought a new dimension to our days. Discovering nature together and with friends has been such a joy, every week. I’m truly thankful we get to explore with friends, new and old every day.