Finally getting to posting about the weekend. A rainy, rather chilly weekend, but a fun weekend none the less. We headed up to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for the morning. It was neat to see the way Ellie interacted with the exhibits this time, wanting to know more, wanting to press buttons and explore different things. We met up with friends to have lunch and then headed home for the afternoon. Sunday we took a chilly, windy walk on the beach and discovered the beach littered in these strange papery things. Curious to figure out what the heck they were, I discovered they were sail jellyfish that had washed ashore. Very strange, stinky and interesting.
The end of the weekend ended with a very over-tired toddler. She’s dropping naps every so often and then seeming to need them very badly the next day. Our routines have been a bit off these days, but hoping this week, we will find our rhythm again.
Hoping your weekend was a lovely one.

Portrait Project


17/52eloise: You want to dress up in your “Wendy” dress pretty much every day. “I’m Wendy today”, you say. But you act a lot more like Peter Pan. You are asserting your independence. Bossing others around, doing things on your own and not needing our help and showing us some very big emotions. We are trying to be patient and gentle through this phase, but some days we all struggle. But, as one of your favorite books reads, “I love you when you’re angry and cross your arms and pout. I love you when you’re wild and yell and scream and shout. I love you any way you feel, no matter what you do. I love you any way you are. I love you because you’re you!” (I love you Because you’re you by Liza Baker)

Earth Day Crafting

I’m thinking we may have a handle on the rat and mite situation here. We’ve had pest control here and tree guys will be here tomorrow to trim back possible “pest” homes. Plus, we’ve been keeping ourselves covered in tea tree oil and peppermint to deter any bugs. And my house is as spotless as its ever been, so that’s a plus as well. Funny enough though, I’m feeling bad about the rat traps and the trimming of trees (one tree has to come down because it’s leaning on a neighbor’s wall causing it to break). Especially with all of this happening during April and around Earth Day. So yesterday we tried to envelope ourselves in nature and enjoy some nature crafting as well. We spent the morning at the park under a tree, with earthy books and pen and paper. I got the chance to paint a bit while Ellie played and then in the afternoon we made clay beads by pressing our bits of nature into them. It was a quiet, nice Earth Day. Something we both needed. How did you spend Earth Day?



So I’m feeling much better after my dental surgery last week. But, we’ve been dealing with a much more horrendous issue at hand. Rats! Rats, and even worse, their mites. It’s been quite the nightmarish week, discovering rats under the house and getting bitten by mites. The house has been stripped of everything. The laundry has been non stop and everything smells of chemicals, in a house that’s been fine with my more natural products up till now. Of course all of this has my anxiety soaring, but luckily I have a husband who keeps me calm and parents not too far away, to get away from it all for a while. We’re having more pest control people coming over this coming week as well as tree trimmers (to make sure the rats aren’t climbing trees to the roof. It’s been a bit crazy here and I didn’t even think I wanted to write about it in this space, because, come on… gross… rats and bugs…. but, I try to keep it as real as possible and this is as real as it gets unfortunately.
We did have a little bit of fun though this weekend. We got out of the house on Saturday and spent the morning at the Earth Day festival up in Ojai. So I’ll leave you with those happy photos and spare you anymore buggy or ratty details…
earth day
baby washing
rose garden
more yoga
fun band
cute kid
earth day



On Thursday I had dental surgery and so unfortunately I was down throughout the weekend. Jeff and Ellie had colds as well, so we all laid very low. Lots of movies and books and quiet park outings. My parents helped us out too (when Ellie just couldn’t stand to be indoors any more). I’m still recovering , so planning to take it easy this week as well.

Hoping you had a nicer weekend than I. And wishing you a wonderful start to your week!

Portrait Project

15/52 eloise: this week I had to go in for another dental surgery. It was a tough beginning to the week, you were maybe feeling my anxiety and in turn there were a lot of emotions and tantrums. But Dada and Grandma and Grandpa took good care of you and I’m loving all of your sweet cuddles. I’m hoping next week, we will be back to making clover chain crowns for your stuffed animals. xoxo.

-joining Jodi for the 52 project!