Earth Day Crafting

I’m thinking we may have a handle on the rat and mite situation here. We’ve had pest control here and tree guys will be here tomorrow to trim back possible “pest” homes. Plus, we’ve been keeping ourselves covered in tea tree oil and peppermint to deter any bugs. And my house is as spotless as its ever been, so that’s a plus as well. Funny enough though, I’m feeling bad about the rat traps and the trimming of trees (one tree has to come down because it’s leaning on a neighbor’s wall causing it to break). Especially with all of this happening during April and around Earth Day. So yesterday we tried to envelope ourselves in nature and enjoy some nature crafting as well. We spent the morning at the park under a tree, with earthy books and pen and paper. I got the chance to paint a bit while Ellie played and then in the afternoon we made clay beads by pressing our bits of nature into them. It was a quiet, nice Earth Day. Something we both needed. How did you spend Earth Day?