Portrait Project 7-10

eloise: We visited Ojai for the farmers market and we parked right in front of an Apothecary! You had to go inside and so we did. We spoke with the man who worked there and he told us about his herbs and rocks and gems and how when he was a kid he used to want to be a wizard and now he’s pretty close. You thought that was so cool. We bought some cornflower petals and sunflower petals for your own “brews” and you left with your heart filled with magic.

Eloise: Every morning I wake up to this sweet face. We’ve tried all sorts of things to get you to sleep in your own room, in your own bed, but it’s just not in the cards just yet. And I get it, who wants to sleep alone… I certainly don’t. So, as for now, we’ve pushed up the twin bed to our queen and made one giant bed.  So we all have a bit of space, but just enough that we’re also all close enough for comfort.

Eloise: A morning at the rock and gem show downtown. You are of course in your very best Ellie garb- your witches hat (which was a big hit with the rock and gem folks), rain boots handed down from your older cousins and a baby strapped to your chest. Because “Leaf” needs to come to the rock show too.

Eloise: I love this photo of you. Since your Grandma has lost her hair to chemo, you’ve been seeing her wear a lot of hats and scarves. We also see lots of images of women in hijabs with the new books that have been wonderfully showing all types of people in all types of dress. So I wasn’t surprised that you wanted to wear the new turmeric dyed scarf we made on your head “just like my peg doll” (who happens to wear a hijab. You wore it all morning in your play and just looked darling. My sweet, sensitive girl.