Sunflower Study

“Why did Blake say
‘Sunflower weary of time’?
Every time I see them
they seem to say
Now! with a crash
of cymbals!
Very pleased
and positive
and absolutely delighting
in their own round brightness…”

excerpt from Elizabeth Smart’s Blake’s Sunflower

We decided to study Sunflowers ! It’s July now and hot and muggy and perfect for exploring this bright, tall flower! The girls got to each paint them after I read them a story about Van Gogh’s sunflowers. We talked about the colors we saw and the differences in the different varieties I had for them. We opened them up and explored the anatomy of the flowers as well. And then the girls proceeded to play in the flower garden nearby, finding caterpillars and using the sunflower petals as something special for their play. My home school club kids also surprised me with some belated birthday gifts (aren’t those water bottles the coolest?!) and we had sunflower cupcakes!



Portrait Project

Eloise: The happiest, dino-lovin’, almost 5 year-old there ever was!

portrait project
Eloise: The Fourth of July Push-me Pull-em Parade. We’ve gone every year since we’ve lived here. We ran a bit late this year but you caught up on your bike and we joined the crowd!

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