Weekending: Fourth of July Edition!

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DSC_0118 DSC_0120 DSC_0123

What a fun weekend! We decided to stay local after a busy birthday weekend, last weekend. We did our town’s annual “push me, pull you parade” and craft fair in the morning. Met up with some friends there and enjoyed watching Ellie and their daughter play, running around in the fountains. Ellie wanted to ride one of the carnival rides for the first time. She was adamant about it, which Jeff and I were surprised about. But, she did great!! After nap time, we took a very chilly walk on the beach and then took an impromptu paddle boat ride around the harbor. We watched the fireworks from our house and enjoyed a wonderful day together.
Sunday we spent at my parents house (actually, Jeff and I were supposed to see a movie, but they were all sold out), so we enjoyed the wonderful weather and took Ellie to the park. A really wonderful weekend.


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