Weekending: Birthday Edition!

This past Saturday was my 34th birthday! It was such a wonderful day and wonderful, fun filled weekend. We spent the morning downtown. My parents met us down town too. We had tea and coffee at my favorite coffee shop and then took a nice stroll. Jeff spoiled me with art supplies and the whole collection of Earl Thollander books (I’m a big fan of his art). That evening we had dinner down in Carpinteria with some of my favorite Mamas and their families. They all spoiled me rotten and it was so nice watching all of our kiddos run around. The weather was strangely cold and windy, but the sunset at the end of the day was gorgeous!
Sunday we took the long trek out to Los Angeles to the Natural History Museum for their Nature Festival. The festival itself wasn’t the best thing we’ve ever been too, but I hadn’t been to this museum in years and it was Ellie’s first time seeing dinosaur bones. It was worth the crazy California traffic and very long drive there and back to see Ellie’s reactions to the dinosaurs.



A very happy Birthday weekend indeed.

5 thoughts on “Weekending: Birthday Edition!

  1. Happy belated birthday dear Summer. I have to agree, sounds like just a wonderful week-end. OMG, Eli’s pictures with the dinosaurs are awesome. When we took little miss to the N.H.M in DC, we were expecting a huge reaction but it never came. Maybe trying again now. I’m so happy you had such a nice time. xox

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