So Much To Be Thankful For


pretty silverware

pumpkins setting

the set up

the map

the turkey


felt fun

thankful tree

close up thankful tree


boo bear

playing in birdseed


the party

the food

the hubby

little one

gramma and boo

sil elvis

high five

happy thanksgiving

Whew! What a day! Our twenty plus Thanksgiving, hosted in our little house went superbly well. It was threatening to rain for a little while but we only got a slight sprinkling. I am thankful we live in California. Jeff, my wonderful husband and Lindsey, my sister-in-law were rock stars in the kitchen, cranking out turkey’s and broccoli bakes and apple pie and home-brew (that went over exceedingly well). We had Thanksgiving Mad Libs and a sensory table full of birdseed for the little ones and a thankful tree as well. I contributed a sweet potato pie but most of my time was spent putting together the event, tablecloths, centerpieces, all that crafty goodness. All of my family came (on my Mom’s side) and it was just an all around good, busy, fun, nice Thanksgiving day. I am SO thankful for this life I live. It truly is wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


autumn light


the lake view


the vineyard


the crew


jeff and boo


the lake


mountains and clouds


all done back pack


mama by the lake


auntie linny


lake day




We spent the weekend preparing for Turkey Day; cleaning house, running errands and working on autumn crafty things. Sunday morning we thought we’d meet friends for a morning hike by a beautiful lake. The weather was perfect and both little one’s did a pretty good job hanging in the carriers for a few miles. On the way back, Ellie got antsy, so Mama, Dada and Auntie Lindsey took turns holding her (the trail was a little too rocky for this new walker). We had lunch together overlooking the lake. It was a nice morning with friends. We spent dinner at my parents house ending the evening in a great way with family.  A really nice weekend, heading into what I’m hoping is going to be a lovely Thanksgiving week. ( And excuse Ellie’s colorful, strange attire and hair… I didn’t get all the laundry done and so it seemed Ellie ended up looking a little like a Fraggle today with what we pieced together). How was your weekend?


-joining Amanda over at The Habit!

Portrait Project


catching the light

eloise: you woke up from your nap wanting a little more “milkamilk”, then you crawled over to the end of the bed and started smiling and being silly, as if you wanted me to grab the camera and snap away. The little bit of afternoon light coming in through the window kept shining on your face and making you giggle. Sun-kissed and adorable, I can’t help but love you a little more every day. 

– joining Jodi for the 52 project!

Autumn Glow


After the clothes are put away and the candles are lit…

When Daddy decides his working day is done…

The smells of good things to eat start swirling throughout the house…

And the record player plays us an old standard.

The windows are all closed tight and there are socks hugging our feet…

The heater clicks on and Mama starts to set the table for dinner…

The autumn glow tells us it’s time to settle in.

Those oranges and pinks and violet hues, filling up the cold, crisp sky…

Reminding us the days are shorter, holidays are near and family and home is all that matters.

*prompt 21/30 Autumn Glow

-joining in with the Write Alm’s November Prompts.

The Check-up

Prompt 18/30 seeking solace


She was seeking solace in my shoulder-blade. Burying her head deep down into Mama’s sweater, capturing my familiar scent, to ease her anxieties that the doctor was producing with all of the pokes and prodding.

I talked her through the examination.

“She’s going to look in your ears now. Okay. All done.”

She grabbed onto my body even tighter though when the stethoscope was placed on her bare skin. Her anxieties building and Mama’s embrace no longer keeping her confident. Tears poured from her eyes when the nurse stuck her with the needle and I had to shush in her ear to calm her little body down. I put on my brave mother face for her. Quieted down my own quick heartbeat. Used an even tone. But secretly, I was seeking solace too. Away from these strong maternal emotions I was feeling to protect my little one.  Her face beat red from crying. I held her with gentle stability. She held onto me and I held tight back.  It’s so difficult to be so young and not understand the what’s and why’s. I brought her home and cuddled her close. Laughing again and smiling again, it was but an experience she hopefully will not hold onto. And another experience in my book of tough moments of motherhood.


– joining in the daily writing with Write Alm’s November Prompts and Heather’s Just Write!



finished softie


kitty tail


birthday ball


gramma games


reading with g






farmers market


pickled food

carrots and onions


teething basket girl




taking out loot home




playing in the dirt


tree exploration


california sign


butterfly fall


sunlight dips down


A friend’s first birthday party (the cat softie revealed in full) and Gramma and Grandpa over for burgers and playtime with Ellie, on Saturday.  A Sunday in Ojai, visiting the farmers market, walking around the local parks and checking out the local bookstores. It was a nice, seemingly quick autumn weekend.

How was yours?

-joining Amanda over at The Habit.