Oh my! I’ve been so busy, I forgot to post “Weekending”…. A busy, quick weekend, with one sick husband, a joyful, moody two-year old (cause that’s how 2 year olds roll) and some time to finish up some crafts thanks to Gramma and Grandpa.
polar bear cub
This little one needed her “polar bear cub that you made me mama cause I wanted him when you made one for baby Ryo.” and her very own farmers market bag.

cheeky radish

dada and elle



tree climbing

fun girl

While we were at my parents, I was able to finish up some arctic and Antarctica playmats and peg dolls for a Waldorf swap I’m in. I love how they came out. I made 5 Antarctica shaped (loosely), play mats made from cotton batik and wool felt. They have an explorer peg doll to go with them. And I made 5 ice cap Arctic mats, with an Inuit peg person to go with it. It was the first time I had done any free motion quilting and even though I don’t think I am very good at it yet, I am kind of loving it. It’s bringing a new feel to my playmats that I am definitely digging. These guys get shipped out this week and then hopefully by the end of the month, I will have a whole box of handmade Arctic/Antarctic goodies to share with you (and with Ellie). 😉








farmers market carrots

which veggie

chai morning


M's gift


balloon land

spring bday

tambourine gal

shake shake

drum beat




bunny baby

family shot

bye bye balloon


nana bye bye



What a glorious weekend we had. Saturday began with a trip to the farmers market. These trips used to be quick, but now are whole morning events, discovering the world around us a few toddler steps at a time. After nap we headed out to Los Angeles for a very special birthday party. (And yes that was a Cory creation on top of that birthday present). We all had such a wonderful time and Ellie especially enjoyed herself. All the balloons, the music, the petting zoo and Gramma and a slew of other relatives we hadn’t seen in a long while. It was a magical day for this little one.
Sunday we spent the day with Nana and Papa before they headed off to the airport back home to Boston. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with them and a fabulous two months of them visiting. We’ll miss them immensely (but we’ll get to see them this summer when they return for a couple of weeks).

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finished softie


kitty tail


birthday ball


gramma games


reading with g






farmers market


pickled food

carrots and onions


teething basket girl




taking out loot home




playing in the dirt


tree exploration


california sign


butterfly fall


sunlight dips down


A friend’s first birthday party (the cat softie revealed in full) and Gramma and Grandpa over for burgers and playtime with Ellie, on Saturday.  A Sunday in Ojai, visiting the farmers market, walking around the local parks and checking out the local bookstores. It was a nice, seemingly quick autumn weekend.

How was yours?

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foggy farmers market

farmers market




strange vehicle


watching the parade


me and boo




pincher grasp


garden goodies





It was a very green weekend. Happy St. Patricks’ day to you! The fog rolled in and stayed thick until sunday afternoon. It seemed winter was upon us again. Ellie and Jeff seemed to be feeling better so we did our usual farmers market on saturday but stayed for the annual St. Patricks’ Day Parade downtown. Let me tell you, Ventura has some interesting parade people. It was fun and Ellie seemed to enjoy the marching bands and the chaos of it all. Jeff’s parents joined us and we invited them back to our place for potato and leek soup and hot cocoa. It was chilly that day! Ellie has been trying all sorts of new foods, peas, pear, squash, sweet potato. She surprisingly seems to enjoy the veggies over the fruits. I’ve been trying to add in solids regularly now these days, but it’s harder than I thought trying to make baby food and determining when to feed her etc. We’re working out the kinks as we go.

Sunday we celebrated my Mom’s birthday (it’s the 19th but she has to work). We drove up and over the grade, through the pea soup fog and into a much sunnier and warmer area of Southern California. We spent the day gardening and relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I made a lemon pound cake for my Mom, that I couldn’t get out of the pan. We dug into it with spoons. Very Good weekend. How was yours?


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cookies for lauren

wet ground


dog in the rain

diaper laundry

rain drops

foggy morning

colorful market

farmers market jan

live music

gramma at the cafe


foggy beach walk

foggy surfer


antique market jan

first feet in the sand

big clouds

ellie likes marina park

baby love

For such a low-key weekend it was certainly a busy one. It was rainy and wet off and on throughout the weekend so we were inside for a good part of it.  Cloth diaper laundry was done, cookies were made for a cousin on bed rest and we got out for the occasional wet dog walk too. When it wasn’t raining it was foggy. There was a foggy but colorful trip to the farmers market and we went to lunch with the grandparents at a local spot with some nice live music and rice milk chai latte’s (yay!). We took a chilly and foggy beach walk before the rain came in again for the night. Sunday was wet in the morning but perfect weather for a visit to the antique market and a beautiful walk through Marina Park. We got our compost bin up and running too this weekend. Our worm bin was a fail last year on the balcony in Orange County, so we shall see how the compost bin goes. The wet weather is supposed to return this week. I know I’m being very Californian in saying this, but I’m ready for spring. What did you do this weekend?

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ring sling 1

ring sling 2

ring sling 3

char char suns

linus poses

tea for two

farmers market ventura

farmers market onions

farmers market greens

salad yum!

grandpa superman

gramma reads

picnic out back

loungingIt’s been a lovely weekend so far. It has warmed up and almost feels like early summer around here. We spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine and the warm breezes. Lots of sling dancing to The Beatles with the babe, dogs sunning themselves out on the deck, tea in the morning (because it’s still pretty chilly before nine, it is after all still winter). There have been visits from Gramma and Grandpa, the weekly farmers market visit, salads from farmers market produce (this week we tried some japanese dandelion greens that we’re amazingly tasty!), and picnic lunches and reading out  in the grass. You can’t ask for a better weekend! How was your weekend?