farmers market carrots

which veggie

chai morning


M's gift


balloon land

spring bday

tambourine gal

shake shake

drum beat




bunny baby

family shot

bye bye balloon


nana bye bye



What a glorious weekend we had. Saturday began with a trip to the farmers market. These trips used to be quick, but now are whole morning events, discovering the world around us a few toddler steps at a time. After nap we headed out to Los Angeles for a very special birthday party. (And yes that was a Cory creation on top of that birthday present). We all had such a wonderful time and Ellie especially enjoyed herself. All the balloons, the music, the petting zoo and Gramma and a slew of other relatives we hadn’t seen in a long while. It was a magical day for this little one.
Sunday we spent the day with Nana and Papa before they headed off to the airport back home to Boston. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with them and a fabulous two months of them visiting. We’ll miss them immensely (but we’ll get to see them this summer when they return for a couple of weeks).

* Weekending with Amanda!


13 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • Dawn, we used to go every weekend but with Ellie getting older it was harder to go to the market and to the grocery store in the same day. We are trying to get back to going to the farmers market though. There really is nothing better than fresh produce!

    • It really is amazing how fast they grow. I get sad every now and then that I don’t get to carry her in the wrap or the ergo anymore but she loves walking and now its a whole new world of discovery for her.

    • That was actually my in-laws who were here visiting. My parents are twenty minutes away and are here quite regularly. 🙂 Jeff and his family are from Boston. We usually visit there at least once a year.

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