This weekend was slow and steady. Not too many plans. I wasn’t feeling all that well, so we tried to take it easy. Lots of good Christmas books, crafting, watching some harbor fireworks from our bedroom window, some late night Christmas movies and a walk through a new favorite park to get some fresh air (where we found mushrooms and rocks and swung on swings, met a horse named Charlie and walked along a fallen pine tree that smelled like Christmas).

walking through

the staff

nature girl

dada and elle

winter sky

the basin


little girl



cool mushroom city

mama and me

this kid

this beauty

charlie horse

ta da

in the stump

Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a delightful week!!


Weekending: Magic Dragon Edition

I’m about to photo bomb you with magical pictures of my daughter. I can’t help it. It was so much fun taking so many photos and too hard to narrow it down to only a few, so I’m including… a lot….Just to warn you. Our weekend was a nice and easy one. Visits to the coffee shop and post office. Pancakes in the morning, visits with grandma and grandpa and friends.  It just so happened that on Friday at a play date, Ellie had tried on her friend’s very special dragon wings and tail and loved them so much that I asked my friend where she had gotten them. I was told they were handmade by a local artisan. Well, as we were downtown sending things off at the post office, we literally stumbled onto a holiday craft faire where the exact same dragon wings and tail were purchased! It was fate!  Jeff gave the go ahead for Ellie to pick out and take her very own set home. Ellie was completely transformed as soon as she put the dragon wings and tail on. She took off running down the avenue shouting, “I’m a dragon!” It was quite the sight. Later that afternoon we went back downtown with my parents. They had a live music event where they had shut the main streets down. Ellie danced her way through the town, still dawning her dragon suit. She captured everyone’s attention (even getting on the main screens at the music event). We danced our way down to the beach for a walk before dinner and Ellie enjoyed dancing in the puddles and chasing her Grandparents and Jeff and I enjoyed snapping photos and enjoying the magic that is our daughter.
dragon dance


shes a star







sunlight too




see you

dragon light

dragon tale




catch me

mama catch you


-joining Pumpkin SUnrise


The weekend was another quick one (man this year is flying by )! I got some time to finish up on some custom peg doll orders and get them ready to ship out. Ellie rode her balance bike to the park with Daddy while I got my craft on. We made a stew and homemade pizza and spent sunday running errands and going out to an early dinner with the grandparents at a local beach grille. We’re looking forward to a Thanksgiving at my parents house this year, less cooking and cleaning for us! Now that’s something to be thankful for!




fun in the wrap

padaro grille

sand box

gramma fun


sun set

sun set 2


This weekend started out a bit wet. So of course we went out in search of puddles to stomp in. We collected leaves and brought them home to make a leaf collage. We read leaf books and made leaf rubbings. We’re soaking in the Autumn weather before California gets the better of it and warms up again (as is always the case). We went to a good friend’s birthday party and brought her a  peg doll family. Saturday we went to my parents and took a nice long walk with my brother and his girlfriend. Ellie ran off some energy and climbed trees. We even saw a coyote skitter down the wash.
Halfway through Sunday, Ellie all of a sudden came down with a miserable cold. So we’ve been laying low ever since. Lots of good reading, building train depots, wrapping up baby dolls and some quiet time watching Frozen. Hoping this cold is a quick one so we can enjoy our days a little more again.

How was your weekend?
wet leaf
leave walk

puddle stomping

leaf collage

leaf man



mias peg family








da dada

-joining Pumpkin Sunrise for “Weekends”



This weekend started out with some baking and ended with lots of sewing at Gramma and Grandpa’s house. I’m trying to get Jeff’s quilt finished before Christmas, but this thing is so big!! In between, we lounged around, Jeff and Ellie made Saturday morning pancakes, and we visited the park a few times (sometimes with dogs and child and sometimes with just child in tow). A very nice, quiet weekend. How was yours?

autumn felt board


pancake morning

jeffs quilt




I don’t have too many photos from this weekend. Between visiting with my siblings down at my parents house and then the next day, a three-hour needle felting class for me  (my first! I think I’m hooked!) with hockey, and grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry mixed in as well, I kept forgetting to grab my camera. But I did manage to catch a few shots of the weekend. It was definitely hot here. Still in the 90’s. I’ll be thrilled when it cools down and we can finally enjoy Autumn.
How was your weekend?  – joining Karen for “Weekends”
hot day

squish monkey balls





This weekend we went to visit with friends, visited the farmers market and picked up some fall-ish foods. We did some painting and spent sunday morning zooming around the house in capes while Dada played hockey. Grandma and Grandpa came over for a walk downtown. And we ended the weekend with some local grass-fed burgers on the grill.

How was your weekend?

imaginary fun

anas fast

here she comes


running with kids

reading the papwer

riding on dada


puddle jumping

in the wet




Busy weekend. Stayed out too late both nights. Late afternoon visit to Santa Barbara with the Grandparents. Ellie got to ride the carousel while the sun was setting. (I got to see the tail end of this creative lady’s art fair booth too). Sunday was a bike ride to the butcher and a visit to the park. Then off to a dinner party with homegrown food and lovely company. A nice weekend that went by way too fast. How was yours?

late afternoon

a new sweater

g and me

hurry there it is!

i want that one

gm and the carousel

dinner at lanas



farmers market iris'

art show

gramma and boo

beach squirells


averys presents

A for Avery

green ride up

birthday party

birthday girl

a and e

kite 1

kite 2

kite 3

kite 4

close up kite


wagon to the park

ellie flies

kite string

moon and the kite

It was quite the busy weekend, which I’m sure you could gather from all of the many photos! We visited the farmers market and a small local craft show (I got some crafty goodness), walked down to the beach boardwalk with Ellie’s Grandparents and watched the beach squirrels skitter around the rocks. Sunday we traveled down the 126 for one of my oldest’s friends baby’s first birthday (I made her little felt veggies, painted her an A wreath and of course had to bring her one of Cory’s lovely onesies too). We got to spend the morning with some good friends and their little ones and then the rest of the day was spent at the beach and the park flying kites! Oh what fun it was to fly a kite for the first time with Ellie.

Let’s go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

How was your weekend?
-Joining the lovely Amanda over at the Habit!