This weekend was dinner with friends by the beach, farmers markets, spending way too much time trying to get a little one down for naps, walks downtown and walks with the grandparents along the beautiful coast. How was your weekend?

farmers market

playing with Mama


beach day

tula ride

rock collecting

gma and elle

gramma in the ocean

gpa and elle


-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise! 



5 thoughts on “Weekending!

    • One!! Oh my! It seems naps are dwindling a bit and part of me says it may be easier with no naps, but part of me says- NAP, Please nap so I can sew just a little longer. 😉

  1. Love Grampa’s back pack. Lovely pics kiddo. We had a nice but tiring weekend,can’t quite handle going out for breakfast and getting gasoline and going to the co-op. Getting oldish I guess.

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