Ellie: we took a mini trip up to Sequoia with our homeschool friends. We had quite an adventure and a wonderful time exploring!


Ellie: I finished this cape a couple days before Halloween! You are all set now with your witch hat and cape and whatever fun and colorful outfit you come up with for the big day (night). I know I’m biased but I just think this is a beautiful photo of my girl looking so grown up!

-A photo of Ellie, once a week, every week in 2018-


Missing this space

Gosh I’ve been missing this space. I return now to look up days past, or to remember when Ellie did something and then I see I haven’t written in months! Four months to be exact. And that just saddens me. I need to try to find time to come here again. To slow down and write the words that end up getting cut to a sentence or two on Instagram. I miss the slower pace of my blog. The photos I took the time to chose and share here. I’m determined to start at it again. Since it’s been many a day since I’ve shared any portraits, I’m going to start back up at week 41/52.


Ellie: Library day with my little witch. We’ve been borrowing Halloween books like mad and soaking up all the Halloween story goodness!! You’re enjoying them all but have a particular fondness for The Witches of Benevento series. We’re on book 3 and you talk about the books often throughout our days. I love that we can share that joy for great books already. ❤️