Busy weekend. Stayed out too late both nights. Late afternoon visit to Santa Barbara with the Grandparents. Ellie got to ride the carousel while the sun was setting. (I got to see the tail end of this creative lady’s art fair booth too). Sunday was a bike ride to the butcher and a visit to the park. Then off to a dinner party with homegrown food and lovely company. A nice weekend that went by way too fast. How was yours?

late afternoon

a new sweater

g and me

hurry there it is!

i want that one

gm and the carousel

dinner at lanas



One thought on “Weekending!

  1. That sounds like a lovely weekend! Our weekend was super busy too.We built a chicken run then went to the farmers market Sat am, then playground. Sunday we went to the beach for a few hours and the girls got to float in a canoe on a friends pond. I did lot of gardening in the evenings when it cooled off. A great summery weekend (our first this year!)

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