I don’t have too many photos from this weekend. Between visiting with my siblings down at my parents house and then the next day, a three-hour needle felting class for me  (my first! I think I’m hooked!) with hockey, and grocery shopping and cleaning and laundry mixed in as well, I kept forgetting to grab my camera. But I did manage to catch a few shots of the weekend. It was definitely hot here. Still in the 90’s. I’ll be thrilled when it cools down and we can finally enjoy Autumn.
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hot day

squish monkey balls






christmas in cali

little village








xmas candy


gma and the reindeer


xmas candy


gmas house


hi xmas


presents wrapped


the men


beach walk



We had a very nice weekend, making Christmas candies at my parents house, doing a little more decorating around our house, checking out the Christmas lights around the neighborhood, wrapping presents and taking beach walks in the late afternoon. Relaxing and enjoying family. This is what the season is made of.

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sick dog


at the park


park sand play


tea and banana


lomg hair


short hair


shannon's softie


handmade card




char says dont go!


After a beautiful, sunny Friday at the park, we thought for sure the weekend would be one of the warm, summery kind… we were mistaken. The fog rolled in and it was here to stay. We also had a little sick dog on our hands for the beginning of the weekend. Nothing starts a saturday morning quite like waking up to dog throw up ALL OVER your bedroom carpet. We’re not quite sure what Charlotte got into but she definitely got it all out. Jeff had to bring our poor girl into the vet first thing because she started breathing funny and shaking after all the throwing up but after getting rehydrated and given anti-nausea meds, she was quickly back to her silly frenchie self.

I finally got my hair cut this weekend. It has been over two years since I had it cut and it was time. I was hoping to donate it to locks of love but surprisingly didn’t have enough usable length. So I kept the cut simple and still longish (Jeff likes it long). It’s much easier to handle now, fresh and almost looks darker to me for some reason.

The rest of the weekend was low key. I finished a special softie for a good friend’s baby shower, spiffed it up with a handmade card, bought her one of these and tied the whole present up with a bow. We took naps, practiced our standing skills, had more tea (banana for Ellie) and I even put on socks it was so darn cold this weekend! We’re packing for our trip to Boston. We leave on Tuesday so I may be absent from this space for a bit. How was your weekend?


*that adorable chicken bib on Ellie is courtesy of this lovely lady.

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Just Write: Our evening walk

It’s five o’clock.

Daddy is done with work. The dogs can sense the end of the day. They peel themselves off the couch, stretch, yawn and shake off the long naps they take every day. They know it’s time for a walk. A “W”, as we call it. Don’t say the “w” word too loud or Linus will start getting too excited.

Daddy puts his shoes on. He smiles at us and asks about our day. He asks but he really already knows most of what our day entailed. He sits at his desk peeking out at us through the baby gate. We can hear him take his calls. We can see him writing and thinking hard. We like him home with us. Even if he’s in that back office most of the day. He’s accessible and we like that.

He straps the Ergo carrier to his chest as I get the dogs leashes on. Charlotte the french bulldog prances around as I jingle the leash closer to her. She runs away in excitement and I yell at her to come. I end up walking over to her… always. Linus the shepherd comes right over. This afternoon walk is the highlight of his day. The morning walk is just for sniffing and leaving his scent every which way, but this one is usually longer and faster paced. He starts panting at the thought of getting out. I pat him on the head as I clip his leash into place, knowing how much he enjoys getting out. Both dogs move quickly to the door. Ellie is loaded into the carrier. She kicks her legs in amusement at the regular scene. I give her a quick kiss. I give Daddy a quick kiss. We head out.

We walk. We talk. We talk about our days. We talk about finances. We talk about my parents and his. We talk about us as new parents. We talk about weekend plans and gardening and dreams of owning a farm. We talk and relate. Ellie listens to her parents enjoying each others company. She hears us discuss important topics every night and she hears us chat about the day-to-day. Sometimes we tickle her feet and play peekaboo. Sometimes we talk just to her, tell her what we see as we walk by the big park. The neighborhood dogs are off leash chasing balls. We point out the doggies and wave to our neighbors. Sometimes we walk so far and talk so much, Ellie cuddles in close to Daddy’s chest and drifts off to sleep for the remainder of the walk. While she sleeps we talk about how beautiful she is and how lucky we are to have her as our own.

The air is cool and a little bit salty. It’s breezy and it’s getting close to dinner time. We make our way home. Linus is reluctant to head back. He could walk for miles. Charlotte is eager for her dog food dinner.   We make it back home. I take the leashes off the dogs and set them on the rack in the laundry room. They settle in for the night. Daddy unbuckles the carrier and sits quietly down in the big chair. A sleeping baby still on his chest. It was a good walk… our evening walk.

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yard sale day

pretty trees

more trees




reading rainbow

9 mo outtake

outtake 2


outtake 3

burnt hillside

burnt hill grade


climbing the stairs


new mirror


Doggie walks, yard sales, hot weather, cooler weather, nine month old photo shoot outtakes, driving by the fire damaged hillsides, visits with Gramma, Grandpa and Auntie Katie, listening to the Reading Rainbow theme song over and over, springing up areas of the house, a baby girl making it all the way up the stairs (yikes!) and getting a mirror for a special someone’s bedroom. These are all things that made up our weekend. How was yours?


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farmers market in april

fabulous finds

new chew pads

new chew pads

naps w daddy

avery toy


reading to boo

reading to boo happy

farmers market peas

bangers and mash

The dreary weather this weekend seemed to bring the mood down a bit. We all found ourselves a bit tired and grumpy but we managed to have some fun times too. We brought back out the jackets and warm hats and did our weekly farmers market run, warm coffee’s and chai tea’s in hand this time. We did a bit of yard sailing where I found the most magnificent chair (more on that find later this week)! There were naps in Daddy’s arms and lots of reading books (Ellie’s new favorite past time). In between lots of indoor play, I got in some cleaning and some sewing. I finally finished the new Ergo chew pads only to realize I had made the stripes going two different ways, cest la vie. And I finished a little softie for our friend’s new bundle of joy that arrived last week. We are hoping to visit and meet little Miss Avery soon (the picture is just the bunnie butt, I’ll post the rest when we meet baby Avery). We ended the weekend with a warm homemade dinner of bangers and mash. The farmers market spring peas I shucked myself which was quite fun. How was your weekend?

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Just Write: Happy Morning – A Poem

Since it’s April and April is National Poetry Month and these “Just Write’s” are to get me writing freely, regularly, and to give me practice, I thought I’d write this week’s prose in poetry form.


Happy Morning


I lay beside her.

Her little tummy goes up and down with her breath.

I watch her eyes flutter under her eye lids.

She awakens slightly to find my breast.

She nurses quickly, then falls back into a peaceful slumber.

Her warm little body snuggles me close.

I open my eyes.

Sun is streaming in through the windows.

She smiles at me on all fours, scooting around the bed.

I kiss her head.

We get up.

Leave a snoring Daddy behind.

I pat the furry head sleeping downstairs.

We turn the t.v on. Find out what’s happening in the world.

The sun is rising higher now. It fills the room with quiet light.

I open the shades and let more in.

We settle on the rug.

My coffee mug in hand.

The one he bought me from Seattle.

Dadadadada she repeats, rolling the sounds around in her mouth.

She scoots around on the rug, crawling over my knees, trying to get at my mug.

I smile at her as I sip my tea and crunch my granola.

Al Roker starts singing a silly song.

She turns toward the t.v. and stares.


She looks back at me and goes for my tea mug again.

I put the mug down, pick her up and give her a cuddle.

She chews on my face.

Her teeth are still not coming in, but her gums certainly are sore.

I kiss her and start to sing the good morning song.

We hear Daddy come down the stairs all sleepy eyed.

The little dog follows him, sleepy eyed too.

She sees him and smiles big.

She waves her hands excitedly.

He smiles real big and picks her up out of my arms and kisses her on the head.

He asks for tea.

I get him his mug.

The one I got him for Christmas.

It says Daddy.

We watch the news together on the rug.

She crawls on top of us trying to get our mugs.

We kiss each other.

We smile.

This is happiness.

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tulips birthday

handmade kitty

brthday balls

birthday walk

antique market

antique tools

easter tulips

easter basket

easter plans

ellie likes her toys

easter bunny fun

making food

birds nest dessert

birds nest part 2

eating ellie lunch

mom made deviled eggs

the set up


the plate

candy and tulips

strawberry shortcake

passed out

As you can see from all the photos, we had a very busy but very fun weekend! Friday we said goodbye to Jeff’s parents as they headed back across the country to Boston. Saturday we spent the day in Los Angeles at a very special first birthday party. Ellie got to meet her two Great Uncles, cousins she had never met  and a slew of other family. It was a really lovely day! (That kitty was the handmade softie I made for the birthday girl). Sunday was Ellie’s first Easter and we had Easter dinner at our house. First we made a pit stop at the Antique market before we got a rained out and headed back home to prepare for Easter dinner. Then we enjoyed good food, family, friends, and lots of tulips and candy. It was such an exciting day, Ellie ended up falling asleep right after dinner and then waking up just in time for bedtime. It was a long, busy, lovely Easter weekend. How was yours?

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family walk

uncle ty

new toys

these trees

farmers market


barts books

lookin for beer books

boo bear sleeps!

almond blossoms

snap pea

dog bath

mama play

We had beautiful, warm, sunny weather this weekend. Perfect weather to make the short trip to my parents house for a breakfast and a nice dog walk. My brother who hadn’t seen baby girl in awhile was there and enjoyed spending some quality time with his niece and of course, Gramma and Grandpa couldn’t help but get Ellie some new toys (for Valentine’s Day of course). We spent sunday doing chores… laundry, food shopping, cleaning and got our produce this week at the Ojai Farmers Market. A lovely market to visit on occasion, (especially if your child decides she’s going to nap on the way up there and on the way down. The same child who screams like crazy whenever we put her in the carseat. We are hoping this new fad of falling asleep in the carseat stays awhile). While in Ojai we stopped off at Barts Books, a very neat outdoor bookstore. Jeff found himself a couple good brewing books for his collection. The rest of the day was busy bathing stinky dogs, snacking on our fresh snap peas in the yard (yay winter garden growth!) , more laundry, cooking dinner and ending the day with lots of cuddles from a certain adorable someone in cloth diapers. A pretty low key but very nice weekend.

How was your weekend?

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picture project



homemade granola


sunset out our door

stroller walk

anacapa brewing


brewgramps and gram


auntie katie


good day

This weekend was warm one minute and chilly the next. I worked on getting pictures into frames and up on the walls, Jeff prepared his yeast for brew day, I made some incredibly yummy granola (which turned out so good, it will have to have its own blog post all together), lots of playtime with Ellie boo bear, we had some fantastic sunsets out our back door, took the in-laws to a local brew house and sunday was official Brew Day. Jeff hasn’t had the chance to brew beer since before Eloise was born and he has been itching to do so since we moved into our new home. Well today was the day – and he invited his mom and dad and my family to share in the experience (My mom and dad and sister made it). The weather was beautiful and we all spent the day outside learning to brew. We ended the evening with an early homemade dinner (because that’s the way we roll around here with a six month old- dinners at 4:30). A quick but packed with goodness weekend. How was yours?