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char says dont go!


After a beautiful, sunny Friday at the park, we thought for sure the weekend would be one of the warm, summery kind… we were mistaken. The fog rolled in and it was here to stay. We also had a little sick dog on our hands for the beginning of the weekend. Nothing starts a saturday morning quite like waking up to dog throw up ALL OVER your bedroom carpet. We’re not quite sure what Charlotte got into but she definitely got it all out. Jeff had to bring our poor girl into the vet first thing because she started breathing funny and shaking after all the throwing up but after getting rehydrated and given anti-nausea meds, she was quickly back to her silly frenchie self.

I finally got my hair cut this weekend. It has been over two years since I had it cut and it was time. I was hoping to donate it to locks of love but surprisingly didn’t have enough usable length. So I kept the cut simple and still longish (Jeff likes it long). It’s much easier to handle now, fresh and almost looks darker to me for some reason.

The rest of the weekend was low key. I finished a special softie for a good friend’s baby shower, spiffed it up with a handmade card, bought her one of these and tied the whole present up with a bow. We took naps, practiced our standing skills, had more tea (banana for Ellie) and I even put on socks it was so darn cold this weekend! We’re packing for our trip to Boston. We leave on Tuesday so I may be absent from this space for a bit. How was your weekend?


*that adorable chicken bib on Ellie is courtesy of this lovely lady.

*Joining Amanda for Weekending!

Make + Listen

letter fun

still working

steve and edie

I’m joining Simple Things Notebook today with the Make and Listen Along. It’s a good way to keep me motivated on working on these projects and getting them done. And music is just such a special, wonderful thing. I think it will be neat for Ellie to look back one day and see what we were listening too when she was just a wee one. 🙂

MAKING: I have decided to start making Ellie some fabric letters inspired by Meg’s Montessori Letters from her book Sew Liberated. I’m thinking it’s going to be a long, drawn out project… something I will try to complete before her first birthday. (I can’t believe that’s only about three months away)!

I’m still working on a Softie bear for a friend’s baby. It’s been slow going as well.


LISTENING: My Dad let us borrow this great new Steve Martin/ Edie Brickell c.d.  I am a big fan of the banjo and Steve Martin. I once spotted Steve Martin at an art show at UCLA. He was alone and kept smiling at me. Who knows, if I was brave enough I could have had a date with the guy. I saw Martin again years later in Orange County at one of the most fantastic concerts ever. This man can not only get a whole crowd hysterically laughing but he can play the banjo… really well! Can you tell I have a little crush? This c.d. is nice to have on in the background, preferably on a sunny spring day with all the windows open. Ellie liked the first song the  best and it seems she’s fond of Steve Martin too. She liked checking out the pictures of him on the c.d. case.