Birthdays, Owl-ing and Fossils

We had a lovely couple of weekends recently. We spent a late afternoon with friends at a park in Ojai, sharing pizzas and then taking an early evening walk through the Ojai Meadow Preserve to find the Owls. We never did find them, but it was certainly a lovely afternoon with friends.
Jeff turned 36 at the end of May and we celebrated with a fun morning of presents and a little hike to find fossils. We had my family over to celebrate, eat steak and enjoy Birthday mint ice cream cake!




tulips birthday

handmade kitty

brthday balls

birthday walk

antique market

antique tools

easter tulips

easter basket

easter plans

ellie likes her toys

easter bunny fun

making food

birds nest dessert

birds nest part 2

eating ellie lunch

mom made deviled eggs

the set up


the plate

candy and tulips

strawberry shortcake

passed out

As you can see from all the photos, we had a very busy but very fun weekend! Friday we said goodbye to Jeff’s parents as they headed back across the country to Boston. Saturday we spent the day in Los Angeles at a very special first birthday party. Ellie got to meet her two Great Uncles, cousins she had never met  and a slew of other family. It was a really lovely day! (That kitty was the handmade softie I made for the birthday girl). Sunday was Ellie’s first Easter and we had Easter dinner at our house. First we made a pit stop at the Antique market before we got a rained out and headed back home to prepare for Easter dinner. Then we enjoyed good food, family, friends, and lots of tulips and candy. It was such an exciting day, Ellie ended up falling asleep right after dinner and then waking up just in time for bedtime. It was a long, busy, lovely Easter weekend. How was yours?

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Old Friends

Over the weekend I had my oldest, dearest friends over for a girls brunch. These girls and I have been friends for quite some time, some of us going on twenty years! (My that makes me feel old). I have made many memories with this group of girls, or women as we have grown up to become. We have all come a long way from when we all met. Now that we’re older and living our own lives, it’s difficult to always get together like we so often did when we were young. I have found we all walk different paths, hold different careers and sometimes differ in what we believe in but this is a loyal bunch and we’ve stayed connected. It’s a special thing to belong to a group like this and I treasure our times together.

I have always prided myself on being the memory keeper, the one with the pictures, the scrapbooks, the video clips, documenting our friendship; documenting the days of song and dance, of travels, of celebration. We spent the day eating good food, drinking afternoon mimosas and then hot tea, playing with the littlest of the groups children, discussing the futures of the ones yet to be born, chatting about new jobs and aspirations for current careers and spending plenty of time laughing and smiling over the many memories we’ve made together. It was a good day.


orange bundt

tea and mimosas

checking out the quilt



friends 1

friends 2