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cutie pie

quilty girl


tipperty toes

tomato picking

eating tomatoes







counting pumpkins



Our Labor Day weekend was made up of long car rides to barbeques with cousins, in pools I used to swim in as a child. Steak dinners with the folks. Hot, hot weather for our little beachy town (hence the half-naked child running around with popsicles). Welcoming September with a major tending to the garden. Tomato picking (and eating). Pulling homegrown pumpkins from their vines already. Granola making and lots and lots of play.

-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.

Summer Things

New wall artNew wall art hung up.
birthday bookInvites have gone out and preparations for a second birthday are in full swing! (This photo book from Ellie’s first birthday came in the mail this week- look how tiny she was!!).
Inside PlayInside Play.
Outside playOutside Play. (that tunnel was a $3. find at the flea market this week)!
finishing upFinishing up a few more custom orders.
Daily walksDaily walks with baby dolls.
summer banner

The beautiful, warm (but not too hot) weather we’re having down here by the beach. So far, the summer has been delightful.
How’s your summer going? Books you’ve been reading? Trips planned or taken? I’d love to hear all about it!