Summer Things

New wall artNew wall art hung up.
birthday bookInvites have gone out and preparations for a second birthday are in full swing! (This photo book from Ellie’s first birthday came in the mail this week- look how tiny she was!!).
Inside PlayInside Play.
Outside playOutside Play. (that tunnel was a $3. find at the flea market this week)!
finishing upFinishing up a few more custom orders.
Daily walksDaily walks with baby dolls.
summer banner

The beautiful, warm (but not too hot) weather we’re having down here by the beach. So far, the summer has been delightful.
How’s your summer going? Books you’ve been reading? Trips planned or taken? I’d love to hear all about it!


2 thoughts on “Summer Things

  1. Good summer things around your place. Summer is awesome here…sunshine, time outside, food from the garden. No plans to go anywhere far, just a few days trips here and there. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Summer is going fine, lots of physical therapy and exercises, doing more around the house, like fixing my own lunch, even carrying my sandwich (on a plate), just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s latest book, The Invention of Wings, I think it’s called, :), now looking forward to my sister-in-law, Mary Jo (Uncle Dick’s wife), coming to visit her son Joel and family, so I’ll get to see her too, then Amy and Rob will be here the end of this month, so I have much to look forward to and be thankful for. I did just learn that it’s going to take a year till my leg and I are back to normal, so that’s a bit longer than I though, but whatever it takes, I’ll do it and look forward to a few more months. Otherwise, I’m doing well she says, very well and keep up the good work. That’s it for now. Love the pics as always, and you too.

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