Portrait Project


eloise: The last portrait of the year. I found it much harder this year to capture your beautiful face. You have grown from an infant to a baby to a toddler to a little girl, running around, chatting, yelling, singing, jumping, joyful, angry, sad, curious, loving and wild. It was harder to carry my camera around and it was harder to interrupt our play for a snapshot. Pictures this year turned out ever so slightly blurry. I even forgot until the last moment for several weeks to capture a portrait. You are just always moving now and we’re always busy. I’m hoping next year to capture your portraits a little better, but we shall see how the year turns out…

(You are ending your year in Boston with your Nana and Papa. We fly back to California on New Years’ Eve, ringing in the New Year with Gramma and Grandpa- from East coast to West we ring in the New Year!).  

-joining Jodi for one last time this year for the 52 Project! Hoping many more of you will join us next year!!

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Portrait Project: 37 and 38

37/52eloise: Some days you wake up from your nap, happy and playful and adorable. Today we cuddled in bed for an hour, being silly, telling stories, talking about our upcoming trip to Boston, took cute photos. Then we headed downstairs to finish what was left of the day.

(and because I was offline this past week, I’m finally getting around to posting last week’s portrait, taking on my iPhone and this week’s portrait, from our time in New Hampshire and Boston). 

38/52eloise: This was minutes after we had gotten settled at the campground in New Hampshire. We headed to the beach, you were still in pj’s from the night before and when you saw the lake and the little beach, you dove right in. Literally, dove right into the water, clothes and all. Your Dada had to scoop you out. You spent the rest of the day happily jumping in and out of the water, playing on the beach with Nana and catching frogs with your Auntie Lindsey. You are certainly one with wilderness my child.

– joining Jodi for this year’s 52 Project! 

Portrait Project

33/52eloise: We planted this sunflower months ago from a seed in a cup, we got at library storytime. This week it finally bloomed. It felt a bit symbolic to me, waiting to bloom a week after you turned two. The reminder that you are growing and blossoming as well as the world around you. Blossom and grow my little one, just not too quickly.

-joining jodi and the 52 project!