Weekending (and Boston/NH week catch-up)

We made it safely home yesterday from a week-long trip to Boston and New Hampshire. To tell you the truth, this trip was not quite a vacation. For some time now, Jeff and I have been discussing the prospect of moving to the east coast. We both enjoy what California has to offer, but I believe we’re both craving something different. We’ve always wanted a little more land, a little more woods, a little more rural, a little more small town. We would like to buy a home someday soon and California is proving to be difficult, finding a home with our desires. Moving away from California would be a very big decision. One we are definitely not taking lightly. It would mean moving away from my family but moving closer to Jeff’s family. It would mean moving away from the constant warm days we have here and moving into a very different climate. Jeff grew up in Massachusetts but hasn’t lived on the east coast in some 20+ years. In short, it would be a major adjustment for all of us. But, it’s something we are still very much considering. So we decided to go out to the east coast, particularly New Hampshire for various reasons, and take a look at different areas. We stayed in Nana and Papa’s cabin’s by the lakes. Jeff and I would leave Ellie for a good portion of the day, each day (because our child does NOT like the car) and we drove all over the state. Ellie had many adventures with her Nana and Papa and Auntie Lindsey and did fantastically while we were away each day. We were always back way before dinner time and Ellie would tell us all about her adventures. Here are a whole lot of photos from our trip. We haven’t decided quite when and where we will be going, but this trip was very helpful in determining which areas of New Hampshire we definitely liked and which we definitely did not like.
Miss MouseThe Morning we left, Ellie awoke to her very own Miss Mouse to take with her on the plane. It was a very useful tool through the airport and on the plane rides to and fro. I’m so glad I decided to make Miss Mouse for Ellie.


Flying with toddlers, even if you have a Miss Mouse AND a Pink Baby, is just no fun. Both flights were tough and tiring to get through, but we did our best and made it both ways without any major meltdowns thankfully.

the woods

We flew into Boston and then drove up to New Hampshire to stay near the town of Meredith in Jeff’s parents trailers by the lake.


mayo farm

down by the lake

the lake with bird

water baby

happy splasher

jeff and e

This was the same lake that Jeff played in as a boy. I got to thumb through old photo albums of him and his siblings as babies, digging in this same sandy spot so many years ago.
Nana and E DSC_0385


For Jeff and I, the first stop on our tour was the little towns surrounding the lakes region of New Hampshire.


covered bridge

hanoverThe next day, Ellie went to an animal center nearby the campground and the local library with her grandparents. Jeff and I headed north to the beautiful college town of Hanover.
darmouth university

Dartmouth University is the centerpiece of the town. A very elegant and lovely town. But, very north of Boston (maybe a little too north for us).

covered bridge


We drove through some of the smallest of New Hampshire’s towns.

Each day we’d return to a happy camper. (or a camper who has just woken up from a nap in the carrier).
happy campermeredithWe walked around the local town of Meredith together. It’s another lovely, little town.
happy kid

meredith library

walking in meredith

meredith dog

There were statues throughout Meredith for an annual art walk.

meredith waterfront

hand sculpture

The next day, Jeff and I headed to Portsmouth to see the seacoast side of New Hampshire. We drove through Durham, Newmarket and Exeter (three adorable suburban towns) and up the coast through Rye and then into Portsmouth. Portsmouth was quite a fun, little city that if we had more time, would have been fantastic to explore.

We stopped in the Portsmouth Brewery for some local brew and lunch, walked around a bit and then headed back to the campgrounds.

brew house


Heading back to the campgrounds, we went through another lovely little town in the lakes district called Wolfsboro. Quite amazing views of the lake from the road.
pretty day

On our last day in New Hampshire, Ellie and her grandparents (and Aunt) spent the morning apple picking and then headed back to Boston ahead of us. Jeff and I headed west, toward Keene. I think Keene may have been our favorite town. A great size, lots of good-looking eateries and shops, a beautiful library and just an overall good feel. And Jumangi was even shot there!

main square

parrish shoesAn homage paid to Robin Williams, right in the center of town.
me in keene
We had one more day in Boston before we flew home and so the three of us rode into the city on the train.

frog pondWe checked out the frog pond and rode the carousel of course and then because Ellie seemed to be getting tired and a bit cranky, we quickly headed over to Faneuil Hall to pick up some new Boston hats for a Dada who needed a new one (his get yucky, quickly) and a little girl who’s outgrown her “infant” hat.

Boston hat
We had a pretty good (long) flight home yesterday and today was catching up on sleep and laundry and bringing a certain french bulldog to the vet to get a piece of a plant removed from inside her ear. (Our dogs always seem to make sure to let us know how unhappy they are when we leave them for vacations).
It was quite the whirlwind trip of driving across an entire state, being away from our baby longer than ever before (she thankfully, didn’t seem to mind spending so much quality time with her Nana and Papa) and making decisions upon our possible future. We haven’t made up our mind yet, but it was good to get out there and finally see these areas we’ve been reading about for ourselves. As of now, we’re all thankful to be home and come Monday, back into our regular routine.

(a side note: Thank you to my in-laws for being incredible with Ellie and letting Jeff and I get the time we needed to explore these new areas! They took such good care of my baby and of us)!





g and elle

cutie pie

quilty girl


tipperty toes

tomato picking

eating tomatoes







counting pumpkins



Our Labor Day weekend was made up of long car rides to barbeques with cousins, in pools I used to swim in as a child. Steak dinners with the folks. Hot, hot weather for our little beachy town (hence the half-naked child running around with popsicles). Welcoming September with a major tending to the garden. Tomato picking (and eating). Pulling homegrown pumpkins from their vines already. Granola making and lots and lots of play.

-joining Karen over at Pumpkin Sunrise.


farmers market


carp trail


the langilles


seal watching


jeff and e




hop pickin


like father like daughter


drying hops


banjo daddy

Whew! What a whirlwind week and weekend that was! We sent Nana and Papa back to Boston today after a lovely, very busy two weeks. We will miss them but will actually be out that way in a few weeks, so we won’t have to wait too long to see them.

This weekend we visited the farmers market, after a few weekends missing it. We spent lots of time with Nana and Papa and took lovely walks and little hikes with them in the town they were staying in (this little hike gets you to an area where you can see seals. We got to see a few swimming in the ocean this time). And the excitement for Jeff this weekend was the picking of his hops. It’s harvest time and Jeff got to pick (with Ellie and his parents) half of what we had growing. They are currently drying in his home office. I fear our whole house is going to smell like a brewery!

It was a busy, nice weekend. We’ll be headed back east for a little late summer vacation in a few weeks, so I’m sure I’ll be revving up for that in the coming days and weeks. And I have lots of crafty things to post about in the coming days as well as some things I’m working on.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!
*weekending with pumpkin sunrise!



This weekend we enjoyed some time with Jeff’s parents, we got the house back in order from last weekend’s birthday party and today, I had the honor of attending a beautiful memorial for one of my oldest and dearest friend’s mother, who passed away  last week after a long battle with cancer. It was touching and quite surreal to be there. This friend and I have known each other since middle school and although I didn’t know her mother well, being there to celebrate her mother’s life and hug and cry with her really touched my soul. I sat next to my other dear childhood friend throughout the service, her five-week old baby cradled close in her arms, and the emotions I was feeling were so very strong. It was something else. I can’t quite put my feelings into words, at least not eloquently. Never the less, I was honored to be there and hear stories about a life well lived and loved.

-joining Karen for Weekends.

Weekending : July 4th Edition!

We had an extra long Fourth of July weekend. I spent the majority of it recovering from last Wednesday’s oral surgery. Surgery went well and although I was quite out of it for a day or two and then in some pain for days after that, but my mouth has been feeling better every day. Even though I was in some pain for the actual fourth, we still managed to walk in our town’s push em pull em parade and enjoy the street fair for a little bit (We had Gramma and Grandpa with us too). Then the rest of the weekend was spent resting. Lots of time in the backyard, tending to the garden, running around with flags, declaring our independence and eating lots of watermelon!
pushem pull em

pinwheel fun

mass of people

the gang



eating watermelon

ellie flag


hold it up


yay 2

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! Hope you had a lovely one!!

-joining pumpkin sunrise for weekending.

A Little Birthday Recap

Jeff turned 33 (a whole month older than me), a few days ago. We celebrated with dinner out to Pho, his favorite kind of food, and an evening rife with banjo playing and fun with the family. Grandma and Grandpa came over to help us sing Happy Birthday and eat cake and ice cream. I think he was very happy with his special day. Ellie painted some tissue paper that we wrapped Jeff’s gifts in (mostly banjo related things and a few jars of his favorite jam) and I made him his very own banjo-playing peg doll, which Ellie took to quickly and then made her own (she even napped with Banjo Daddy Peg Doll that day). Happy Birthday to my wonderful, dear husband. I am so glad I get to spend my life with you!


banjo daddy

its Daddy!

so funny

yay peg doll daddy!



happy Birthday Daddy















It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather finally cooled back down to the beachy weather we all know and love (we, particularly my husband, but I’m finding my daughter as well, do not like the heat… at. all). I got out on a yard sailing bike ride on saturday morning and found some ceramic treasures. My Dad (Grandpa) joined us for our weekly farmers market trip (Gramma is visiting Germany this week and next- we miss you Gramma!). Jeff and Ellie spent a few hours enjoying each others company so I could get in some “making” and art time. I’m officially obsessed with making peg people as you can see. And,  I signed up for this fantastic art class and although I am very behind; joining in almost half a year late, I’m already feeling more inspired by the lessons I got to partake in this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside. A lovely sunday afternoon at the beach and more time making and enjoying each others company. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so very thankful for my little family.

yard sale find


farmers market fun

pool daze

art space




happy porch


* joining Pumpkin Sunrise, who is taking over for Amanda for weekending!

Weekending: Mother’s Day Edition

It was a really nice weekend. My mom is headed to Germany with my Grandmother for the week so we celebrated Mothers Day with her on Saturday. We visited the farmers market in the morning and headed over to my parents house that afternoon. I got to finish making the pinafore I had been working on, thanks to my Mom’s help and my mom got to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with her favorite little person. Sunday we met up with a bunch of local Mama friends and their families for a little potluck Mothers Day picnic. The weather was lovely and so was the food and company. Jeff and Ellie made me a card and bought me flowers. It was a very nice weekend and a very nice Mothers Day.

pretty flowers

farmers market


hydranga card

gramma time

3 generations

a kiss for g ma

me and my shadow

oh gramma

the moon


run run run


kids two