It was my Dad’s birthday this weekend so we spent most of the weekend with him and my family. Some Sprinkles cupcakes, some beer and pizza at a local restaurant, some running around chasing Ellie and some frisbee with the whole family at the park down the street. It was a very nice weekend. Now, finishing up for Ellie’s birthday on the 5th, Nana and Papa flying in on Friday and Saturday the big Birthday Bash.

gpa and ellie 1


funny gpa





beautiful baby

running with ut

climbing trees

*weekending with pumpkin sunrise



It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather finally cooled back down to the beachy weather we all know and love (we, particularly my husband, but I’m finding my daughter as well, do not like the heat… at. all). I got out on a yard sailing bike ride on saturday morning and found some ceramic treasures. My Dad (Grandpa) joined us for our weekly farmers market trip (Gramma is visiting Germany this week and next- we miss you Gramma!). Jeff and Ellie spent a few hours enjoying each others company so I could get in some “making” and art time. I’m officially obsessed with making peg people as you can see. And,  I signed up for this fantastic art class and although I am very behind; joining in almost half a year late, I’m already feeling more inspired by the lessons I got to partake in this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside. A lovely sunday afternoon at the beach and more time making and enjoying each others company. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so very thankful for my little family.

yard sale find


farmers market fun

pool daze

art space




happy porch


* joining Pumpkin Sunrise, who is taking over for Amanda for weekending!