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“A single photo. No words. Capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”

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happy 33!


It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather finally cooled back down to the beachy weather we all know and love (we, particularly my husband, but I’m finding my daughter as well, do not like the heat… at. all). I got out on a yard sailing bike ride on saturday morning and found some ceramic treasures. My Dad (Grandpa) joined us for our weekly farmers market trip (Gramma is visiting Germany this week and next- we miss you Gramma!). Jeff and Ellie spent a few hours enjoying each others company so I could get in some “making” and art time. I’m officially obsessed with making peg people as you can see. And,  I signed up for this fantastic art class and although I am very behind; joining in almost half a year late, I’m already feeling more inspired by the lessons I got to partake in this weekend. We spent a lot of time outside. A lovely sunday afternoon at the beach and more time making and enjoying each others company. It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so very thankful for my little family.

yard sale find


farmers market fun

pool daze

art space




happy porch


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Weekending: Mother’s Day Edition

It was a really nice weekend. My mom is headed to Germany with my Grandmother for the week so we celebrated Mothers Day with her on Saturday. We visited the farmers market in the morning and headed over to my parents house that afternoon. I got to finish making the pinafore I had been working on, thanks to my Mom’s help and my mom got to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with her favorite little person. Sunday we met up with a bunch of local Mama friends and their families for a little potluck Mothers Day picnic. The weather was lovely and so was the food and company. Jeff and Ellie made me a card and bought me flowers. It was a very nice weekend and a very nice Mothers Day.

pretty flowers

farmers market


hydranga card

gramma time

3 generations

a kiss for g ma

me and my shadow

oh gramma

the moon


run run run


kids two


A Little This, A Little That (and a whole lotta birthday)

This week we celebrated my Mom’s birthday and Jeff’s Mom’s birthday. They are a day apart! There will be much more celebrating I’m sure this weekend as well for my SIL and her husband will be flying in to stay. Ellie and I had been working hard on some special pieces of art for both of them (sadly, I didn’t get a chance to photograph the piece I did for Nana).

ellie paints for gparents

Ellie is now telling me which color paint she wants and where she wants me to place the glob of paint. I love it that she already is directing so much of the art process.

rainbow art

rainbows haning

We’ve been playing a lot with Ellie’s wooden rainbow toy and while she was painting she pointed to her rainbow toy on the table. I’m thinking these works of art have a very rainbow quality to them, don’t you think? Since Ellie is enjoying painting so much these days we are thinking of getting her an easel some time soon. Any recommendations for one that will grow with her welcome!

my painting

My painting for my Mom. A spring wreath. Lot’s of pink with a handmade quilt tucked in the middle. I thought it would be a nice addition to her sewing room.

the product

I also got some Happy Mail this week!! Nothing makes you feel better than happy mail!
happy mail

After Cory announced her sale in her Etsy shop on her blog, I had to snatch up that butterfly dress I had my eyes on for weeks for Ellie. She is so speedy that the package arrived the very next day (and with an adorable bib to boot)! Thank you Cory!

I also received the most lovely of Thank you notes from a friend from up north. Not only does she send a Thank you card but chocolate for me, special tea and stickers for Ellie! Plus, she jazzes up her envelopes with meditations and quotes to pass on her joy and peaceful ways. Thank you Lizzie! You made my day!

Besides birthdays and happy mail, we had a bit of a tough evening the other night when Ellie got into what we think were the dry prickles of an asparagus fern. Her poor little bare feet were covered in prickles and a very late evening was spent picking them out one by one with tweezers. Not a very fun night. Not a very happy toddler and a very tired Mama and Dada. After a trip to the doctor however (to make sure the prickles or splinters were all out of her feet and not getting infected) and a couple soakings in the tub, she seems to be doing just fine. No more barefoot butterfly girls around here.

little fairy


A busy weekend
Sleepless nights (I blame the full moon and new teeth)
A stumble upon the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown while headed to the farmers market.
Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.
Dinner with Nana and Papa.
Walks in the wagon and longer days.
Flowers galore!
New handmade dish drying mat (finally got to it)!
(Hot!) Spring Gardening days.
Homemade strawberry muffins
A beautiful sunday boiled corn-beef and cabbage dinner, Thank you to Nana and Papa!!! (Sadly, no photos. I was too busy trying to get a wildly excited toddler to eat her food and not throw her food, I’m telling you- full moon! ).
I head to bed tired but happy and hoping that tonight we get some rest.

How was your weekend?

gramma happies

parade 1



the tractors

dada and boo


red red engine




wagon ride


this cute kid




purple hues




new dish drying mat


DSC_0336coffee and wine


wet clothes


seeds a plantin


mama and ellie plant








strawberry muffins


char wants some

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It Feels Like Spring

I know living in California, we don’t have the definitive seasons like elsewhere in the world, but I’ve learned to really notice the subtle differences in my environment  that seem to announce that spring is coming. It’s greener, there’s a crispness in the morning air, the flowers are brighter and already blooming. I start to get antsy in wanting to replace the heavy winter quilts with light colorful ones. I start decorating with more greens and yellows. And in any spare time I have, I start organizing and purging like mad. Oh how I love the coming of spring.

spring flowers


Daffodils bringing greens and yellow into the home.



Some of the last of the winter oranges from our tree.

corys quilt


ellie likes it


New quilts to cherish (made by this lovely lady, thank you Cory, as you can see we both LOOOVE our new quilt) plus a bumble-bee bib to brighten up  the home.



Spring time fairy garden terrarium drawings… I can’t stop making them!


Handmade mushroom’s on top of newly dusted off spring time runner (I love taking this runner out of its box)!

nature table

Getting Ellie’s nature table ready for spring!

getting the garden readyAnd maybe one of the most exciting things… getting the garden ready. Our new boxes built by Jeff and his Dad.

Oh spring, I’m so glad you are almost here!