Making + Listening: Valentine’s Edition

MAKING: There has been lots of making and listening around these parts. Now that Ellie is feeling better we’ve had some painting sessions…

paint away!

look at my hands


And some afternoon walks where we collected sticks for another Simple Things Notebook inspired nature craft. Ellie did the stick collecting, I did the hot glueing.

heart wreath

And the big project I’m working on is putting together something special for the blogger swap. After spending an evening visiting all of the blogs involved in the swap, I can tell you I am a little worried my contribution won’t match up. These bloggers are AMAZING at what they do! I started working on a set of hand-sewn coasters to begin with. I’m excited about the fabrics. A couple of them are from the Downton Abbey collection which I find just lovely. I hope my blogger swap partner will find them lovely too.

coasters for blog swap

LISTENING: Little Bird has been on repeat for many days now, but we have also managed to have some classical playing in the evenings with dinner. I had picked up a lovely french classical c.d. on my honeymoon in Paris. It used to reside in my classroom and was played often in the early mornings upon the children’s arrival. Now it’s come full circle. Playing in my own home for my own daughter to enjoy.

-joining Dawn for Making + Listening!


7 thoughts on “Making + Listening: Valentine’s Edition

  1. not match up?! now that’s just crazy talk. I think what you’ve got going on is quite lovely~
    I suppose, as host, I should probably prep my box and share a sneak peek soon too, hmmmmm…..

    • Thank you Amanda! I just finished the last coaster today. They are actually pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I’m going to pack up a few more goodies and share my final swap box before sending it out. Can’t wait to see what everyone else has made too! Thank you for hosting this!

  2. Wonderful making, Summer!
    Love your nature heart! They are so fun to make.
    As Amanda said above… that is just crazy talk! You make wonderful things!
    I am happy about the swap too. I thought I had everything together but now I want to add more… so much goodness out there!
    Thanks for joining in and linking up!

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